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Netflix Will Satisfy Your Curiosity Over The New 'Great British Bake Off'

By Alyssa Fikse | TV | August 23, 2018 |

By Alyssa Fikse | TV | August 23, 2018 |


There are few shows that are as deeply calming as Great British Bake Off. Understanding that compelling drama can be born from the simple pleasures of kind people making beautiful (but sometimes disastrous) desserts, Great British Bake Off is the perfect show for a relaxing afternoon on the couch. Sure, your snacks might not be as good the ones onscreen (although I have managed to duplicate Mary Berry’s classic tray bake, thank you very much), but your heart will be sufficiently warmed and your faith in humanity might get just a tiny bit stronger. You’ll shed tears over those sent home and over bakes that didn’t quite turn out, but sorrow will be the furthest thing from your mind.

Fans were devastated to see judge Mary Berry and hosts Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyce exit the program in 2017 when it switched from BBC to C4, with only Paul Hollywood remaining to help Britain’s best home bakers perfect their bread. However, when Prue Leith joined the program as the new judge and Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig as the new hosts, people’s interests were certainly piqued. Could we live with a Bake Off that didn’t have Sue trilling “Baaaaaaaaaake!” at the beginning of each challenge, Mel’s gentle encouragement for all floundering bakers, or Mary Berry’s sparkling eyes at the mention of gin? I just don’t know.

Because I’m a damn Yank, I’ve only managed to catch bits and pieces of the new season, but luckily Netflix has decided to continue its partnership with the coziest show of all time. On Thursday, the streaming giant acquired the rights to C4’s first season, which will be available to stream on August 31st. Additionally, the next season, which starts in the UK next week, will hit Netflix later in the year, as well as two-episode holiday specials through 2020. Plus, if you’re still in withdrawals over the old crew, the third season of the original BBC run will also be added to the catalog, which currently houses seasons 4-7.

As crushed as I was to see so much of the original cast exit, I am still pretty stoked to check out what these new folks have to offer. I would be more excited if Fielding was doing it in character as Richmond from The IT Crowd, but we can’t have everything we want.

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