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‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion Recap: Milton and Lydia Win

By Emma Chance | TV | October 16, 2023 |

By Emma Chance | TV | October 16, 2023 |

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The Love Is Blind season 5 reunion aired last night and answered many questions, including the most pressing: are Milton and Lydia still married?

I predicted after the finale that they weren’t because, at the time, they did not follow each other on Instagram. Well folks, it doesn’t happen often, but I was wrong. Milton and Lydia are the picture of wedded bliss (she now follows him but not the other way around, but honestly, I feel like Milton just doesn’t care about stuff like that). Turns out Lydia gets along great with Milton’s family and his mom especially, who, according to Milton, has gone “soft” since meeting her. They had another wedding ceremony in Puerto Rico to celebrate with Lydia’s family, and the rest, as they say, is happily ever after.

As for Stacy and Izzy, I thought they were still together based on both of their Instagram stories before the reunion, but apparently not. Stacy said she felt they “weren’t ready” so couldn’t say yes on their wedding day. As for Izzy’s financial situation, he claims he didn’t think it was a big deal because he has no debt, and everything’s paid off; he just has bad credit. He admitted that he was a little embarrassed to talk about it after he saw the “life she was accustomed to,” as host Vanessa Lachey put it. Anyway, they took a week to themselves after the wedding day, and then they went on a date, but Izzy said he knew something was off and asked Stacy, “Are you even feeling this?” and she said she “Didn’t and couldn’t right now.”

“I was so mad at her after that because I thought we were really gonna try,” he said. “I was so upset. I just walked out and I didn’t talk to you for a year.” They are no longer together, but they did run into each other a year after that last date.

“Houston bars, gotta love ‘em,” Izzy said when asked to explain, because before bumping into his ex-fiancé in a Houston bar he bumped into the woman he rejected in the pods, Stacy’s nemesis, Johnie. Izzy and Johnie “made out in his Jeep,” but claim nothing else happened.

Stacy said that she doesn’t usually go to bars but this time she was at one with her family, who “loves him,” and it was all very wholesome and lovely. “That night we kind of cleared everything up because we’d had enough time to really process…I think we both just felt like we want the best for each other.”

“We’re bros,” Izzy said. So that’s a wrap on Stacy and Izzy.

“But what about Uche and Aliyah?!” you’re screaming.

Aliyah entered the reunion as Lydia’s former friend. “From the bottom of my heart, I wanted her to have her happy ending,” Lydia said. “I didn’t read the room correctly,” she admitted after seeing the footage of her telling Aliyah about Uche, whom she’d dated outside of the pods. “However, I had the best intentions, and I was trying to just be honest.”

Aliyah responded that Lydia didn’t respect her boundaries. She said she wished the producers had allowed Uche and Lydia to share the news of their past with her and Milton sooner because then she would have distanced herself from Lydia.

“There were things that were said to make me feel as though Lydia did come here for Uche,” she said. “You told multiple women that you were hoping to run into somebody from your past.” She also alleged that she and Lydia had a one-on-one conversation outside of filming where Lydia admitted that she and Uche had discussed coming on the show.

“We had a conversation of two seconds in November,” Lydia said, explaining that all they talked about was the news of the show casting in Houston. She made it clear that she had no confirmation he would be there, and if she’d had the power, “He would have not been there.”

“My wife is a fantastic woman, she motivates me to be better every day,” Milton said. He said of Uche: “We were never friends, we were never peers. He was interestingly obsessed with my relationship with Lydia and I didn’t know why…he pried.” Everyone then cheered for Milton, myself included.

Aaliyah explained that she and Uche “tried to” date after filming, but he apparently told people on the cast that she “wasn’t the type of woman that he normally found attractive.” She called him mean and condescending and said she was shocked by his altercation with Lydia. Uche was invited to the reunion but chose not to attend. Let’s hope we never have to speak of him again.

Who am I forgetting? Oh, right. JP and Taylor. If I must.

JP said he felt awkward in front of the cameras in Mexico. “What about when the cameras weren’t there?” Taylor asked. She thought it was much deeper than that. “I feel like I did try. I was basically pulling things out of him in Mexico and it was still not enough.”

“That’s not the way to get me to open up is to keep hounding me,” JP said.

Taylor said that she didn’t think he was attracted to her at all, with or without makeup. “You belittled me and made me feel less than I am,” she said. JP responded with what seemed like a genuine apology but then reiterated that he thought the makeup she was wearing on the day they met looked “fake.” Taylor forgave him but issued the warning, “Learn from it. Don’t do that to another girl.” When asked if he would approach Taylor in a bar, JP mumbled that he doesn’t ever do that, but has his friends do it. This man is hopeless and I hope he disappears back into the MAGA woods that he crawled out of.

I’ll leave you with two sinister screenshots from Uche’s recent Instagram stories, which hint at (unfortunately) more to come. I just hope Lydia has him blocked.

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