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Puns, Callbacks, and Easter Eggs From 'The Good Place' Episode 'The Snowplow'

By Dan Hamamura | TV | October 12, 2018 |

By Dan Hamamura | TV | October 12, 2018 |


This week’s episode, The Snowplow, was an odd one for the easter egg hunt, as everything I found was from the first half of the episode. Which either means I’m slipping, or the setting of the second half (which I’m not going to explicitly describe here, but you know what it is because you’ve definitely already seen the episode by now because if you haven’t why are you reading this there are SPOILERS within!) limited what they could do.

That does not mean, however, that there weren’t lots of semi-hidden jokes to be found. Let’s go!

Newspaper Headlines Suggest Kangaroo, Clown Problems

Newspapers are always a good source of random joke headlines, and the one on the wall is no different, mentioning a story about a kangaroo going “troppo” (which my limited internet research suggests means “crazy”), and a much more terrifying, harder-to-read headline that says “Killer Clown Under”, which does NOT sound like a good thing for Eleanor, or anyone.

Michael and Janet’s Post-it Sticky Notes

As they watch the group, Michael and Janet have been keeping close tabs on things like how many times Jason mentions the Jaguars, or how many times Tahani looks in a mirror.

But the best, of course, is Janet’s note simply stating “Jason is very cute”. AWWWWW.

Pun-filled Australian Scratchers

Just because the lottery signage is backwards doesn’t mean we can’t scrutinize them way-too-closely for that classic Schurniverse wordplay! Apparently it is required by law that all scratch-off lottery ads in Australia use puns:




For the record, that’s:
“Hugh Jackpot”
“That’s Not A Jackpot, This Is A Jackpot!”
and what appears to be “Hundred Dollar Duck-Billed Platinumpus”, which I 100% do not understand, but enjoyed nonetheless.

And for good measure, Eleanor’s ticket also happens to come with its own clever name: Didgeri-Dough

Larry Hemsworth, In The Flesh!

As a number of you noted last week, Larry Hemsworth (played by Ben Lawson) definitely was fated to show up, and the self-described “hideous shame of the Hemsworth family” indeed arrived, thanks to a little nudge from Michael and Janet.

So Many Six Months Later Jokes!

As the episode fast-forwarded through the year, the last jump in particular had some great little moments:
-Tahani covering one ear to make sure she’s singing on key as they sing Happy Birthday is just right.
-Poor Larry’s tab-covered book titled: You’re Not So Bad! A Guide to Building Confidence for the Hopelessly Mediocre

And as a bonus easter egg, the book Jason is reading is Death (The Art of Living), written by Todd May, who also happens to be a philosophy advisor for the show.

Literally Everything on the Superboard

Chidi’s superboard really just needs to be enjoyed in all its glory, but of course, the best joke has to be the callback to Representative Sackett (who, when we last heard from him, was running for office). In the year since the season began, apparently he won his election, only to get himself indicted on 231 (!) counts of fraud. Tough year for that guy.

(Also of note here: the board notes that Todd May is part of the assigned reading, but so too is the show’s other philosophy advisor, Pamela Hieronymi!)

Michael and Janet’s Chalkboard Notes

Not as many pure jokes here, although I did enjoy that one of Eleanor’s positive notes was that she “Did not shoplift for 6 weeks & 2 days”, which… congrats?

(Side note: How do you write that nicely on a chalkboard? That thing is aggressively legible.)

One Last Question… Will These Guys Be Back?

A couple of times in the episode, Janet seemed to… enjoy being all-knowing a little too much. Specifically around these guys:


I’m not normally the person who wants to try to guess what happens next, but in this case, I’m kind of curious. Was it just a funny runner for her to freak people out with her knowledge? Or is this going to come back and hurt them later?

I’m sure we’ll get the answers soon enough. In the meantime, what did I miss? And what did you enjoy?

Header Image Source: NBC