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'iZombie' Season Finale: And Then The Zombiepocalypse Was Upon Us

By Emily Cutler | TV | June 28, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | TV | June 28, 2017 |

Spoilers for the seasons three finale. Clearly.

We’ll get to the details of the show in a second, but I need to spend a quick second gloating. I WAS COMPLETELY RIGHT. You might remember this prediction from a couple of weeks ago.

Despite Other Rob Thomas’ tendency to ignore elements that don’t work at the moment, he knows how to tell a goddamn story. All of those moving elements I listed up at top? If they aren’t shown over the last two episodes of the season to be the work of one mastermind bad guy, I’ll give up puns for a month. A MONTH.

I’ll be keeping my puns, thank you. And I’ll be making a shitton of puns over the next month. And when I do, I’ll specifically say, “Oh, sorry. That was punintentional.”

Also (mostly) right? Commenter phuul

I’ve had a theory about Fillmore Graves since early in the season and everything that has happened since then makes it seem more likely.

There is a sub/splinter-group in FG that is more militant about zombie rights and wants to change the direction of the group to be, at best, zombies first. At worst non-zombies as just prey. Vivian Stoll was killed by this group as well as the zombies supposedly murdered by the conspiracy theorists. Makes it real easy to plant weapons when you are on the team that is doing the raid. It also seems as if Chase, who is a more gung ho than Vivian, has a favorite FG team as well. Kinda makes you go hmmm.

So, yes, that’s basically exactly what happened, except it wasn’t Chase Graves (because Rob Thomas loves Logan Echolls too much to make him a full-on bad guy). It was second in command Carey Gold.


Gold was responsible for setting Plan B in motion, Gold had Vivian Stoll and Clive’s neighbors killed, Gold released the Aleutian flu, and Gold figured out a way to infect large portions of the human population through infected Aleutian flu vaccines (which John Oliver never even bothered addressing. COVER UP). I’d like to point out to any aspiring screenwriters out there that the very reason this ending was so satisfying was because it was mostly predictable. phuul, along with others, guessed the splinter faction resolution because that’s the logical conclusion based on the information that was given. That it turned out Gold, and not Chase Graves, was the leader of the faction was a nice twist, but not completely out of left field. Other Rob Thomas did exactly what we want him to by layering the story elements before allowing a natural conclusion to take place. Bravo, ORT.

And, more importantly, ORT HAS FINALLY BROKEN HIS CURSE. iZombie has been picked up for the elusive fourth season. We did it! Which means now we get to look forward to life under the rule of a paramilitary group and a zombie administration. Still somehow better than our current reality.

A few finale thoughts:

— I’m not in love with the way that Carey Gold went about her plan, but it seems like it might have kind of worked out. Right? Humans from across the country are seemingly donating their brains willingly; the zombies in line for brains seemed eager, but not riotous; and otherwise life continues moving. The murders and forced zombification clearly aren’t my jam, but I’ll never understand why, after reaching a certain level of saturation, alien/zombie/psychic/etc. groups don’t just come forward. Although I have to admit, I’m not much of a survivalist. If any sort of apocalypse was upon us, I’d retreat with my “survival kit” i.e. a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of sleeping pills, and two dozen cheese croissants.

— Chase and Liv are gonna bone again, right? I mean, Major is a zombie now so maybe we’ll try that for the bajillionth time, but we’re going to have to see Lase play out, yes? And before anyone gets creeped out by the age difference, I’d like to point out the Rose McIver is 28 and Jason Dohring is 35. Which is not the most ridiculous age difference we’ve seen, and a year smaller than the difference between Liv and Major.

— Yes, Major Lillywhite is 36-years-old. No, I don’t know what magic he’s taking.

— Now that zombies are out in the open, will Ravi be able to procure the ingredients he needs to make another cure? And more importantly, will the cure be compulsory? Could people switch from zombie to non at will? Say you promised your friend you’d run a 5k with her, but then you never trained for it? A zombie could run two miles easy, right? I’m just saying, there should be a way to monetize this. We’re living in a zombie world now people. You gotta think outside the box.

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