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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Just Aired Its Best Episode Ever, So Renew It Already FOX!

By Tori Preston | TV | March 20, 2018 |

By Tori Preston | TV | March 20, 2018 |


If you’re up on the hot TV renewals gossip like I am, you’ll be aware of some rather disquieting murmurs going around: specifically, that the acclaimed FOX sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on the bubble and might not be renewed for a sixth season. This season the show has suffered weird hiatuses and scheduling changes — after a few seasons spent bouncing around FOX’s Tuesday night time slots, the show just returned with new episodes as part of the network’s Sunday night line-up, (temporarily?) replacing new episodes of Ghosted. Personally, I’ve given up on watching it as it airs because I can never remember when it’s on, it’s moved around so much. I just habitually scan my On Demand listings or Hulu to catch if I’ve missed a new episode.

Yes, I’m part of the general viewership problem.

Another factor is that the series has already started airing in syndication on TBS as of this past January, in a deal that covered the rights to the first five seasons of the show. There’s no need to rack up more episodes in the hopes of selling the show into syndication, as that goal has been achieved.

But the good news is that Sunday’s return episode was one of the highest rated episodes the series has had all season! And in even better news — it was one of the funniest episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to-date. Now, I’m speaking from my own very biased viewpoint, but as far as I’m concerned the episode had it all, including:

- More Marc Evan Jackson than ever before! THIS IS A GOOD THING. Why? Because not only is he a rock-solid guest star in the ranks of the show’s already stellar list of guest stars, but his character, Holt’s equally proper husband Kevin Cozner (snicker), is a goddamn delight. And when Kevin is around, it means we get more of Holt’s personal life! But mostly I’m still in love with “Sparks Nevada, Marshal On Mars”, and hearing Jackson’s deadpan line delivery will always bring that brilliant theme song to mind.


- Jake’s obsession with action movies, which is an element of the show I already relate to HARD. But Sunday’s episode specifically focused on Nic Cage action flicks, which, like, be still my fucking heart. The running joke is that the safe house Jake is guarding Kevin in is completely off the grid, so Jake brings his entire Nic Cage DVD collection with him for entertainment and tries to get Kevin to watch them. Hearing Jake’s descriptions of movies like Face/Off and The Rock is funny, and Kevin’s offended reactions to them is even funnier. But it all pays off in the final moments of the episode when Kevin learns that Jake has neglected to share some of Nicolas Cage’s more serious work, like period dramas involving mandolins and award-winning films about alcoholism — and he, uh, doesn’t take the news too well. Honestly, this entire running gag felt like it was written just for me, AND I APPRECIATE THE GIFT.

- Holt out-Holting himself, by which I mean he’s over-protective, over-serious, and apparently types his text messages as though they are formal letters (including signing off with his full name). The lengths to which he’ll go to protect his husband are admirable… and insane.


- Jake and Kevin go undercover as perverts at a library, and aren’t convincing enough. ‘Nuff said.

- The B-plot where the rest of the Nine-Nine tries to save the day… and Rosa has to get her hair did while undercover:


I hope that hairstyle sticks around awhile!

If you already love the show, you know what I’m talking about. But if you have a friend who has never experienced the joy that is Brooklyn Nine-Nine firing on all cylinders, I’d recommend sitting them down in front of this episode (Season 5, Episode 12). And if they don’t understand what all the fuss is about, sever all ties and don’t look back. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Maybe, if we all try hard enough, we can keep this show rolling a little longer. Or convince the creators to write a Kevin-centric spin-off!