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The 'Gambit' Movie Is Officially Dead And 'New Mutants' Is Bleeding Out Slowly

By Jodi Smith | Industry | May 8, 2019 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | May 8, 2019 |


Beginning in late 2014, FOX allowed Channing Tatum to announce his role as Gambit in a standalone flick. The mutant’s only previous portrayal was horribly accented and appeared in Wolverine: Origins, a movie you should all know I hate for REASONS YOU KNOW WHY AND WHAT REASONS. As directors sat in the chair and then departed over and over again, the idea of Gambit getting a movie started to become a joke.

Just kidding, it was always a joke to us. The repeated assurances that Tatum would work with a dialect coach to get the accent right and that the flick would be a “romantic comedy but not really” did not help the hilarity of the situation.

Meanwhile, in May 2016, director Josh Boone teased the mutants appearing in his New Mutants film, describing it as more of a horror movie than the other X-Men franchise entries. Casting news floated here and there, ending with a trailer that dropped in October 2017.

While any Gambit feature continually failed to find a script, co-stars, director, or anything else, Josh Boone filmed The New Mutants. It was finished and then underwent reshoots in February 2018 to add in a new character. This was after the movie’s release date of April 2018 was shoved to February 2019. The very next month, fans were assured that two characters were being added to the film and that it would be even scarier.

It was then pushed to August 2, 2019. Well, today is May 8, 2019, and the Gambit movie is officially dead in the bayou while The New Mutants has been pushed yet again, this time to April 3, 2020.

Disney and Marvel, the new owners of the X-Men and their various mutant enemies, obviously have no interest in continuing what FOX did with the characters over the past several years. Wolverine is ready to be recast, Deadpool is successful enough to slide into the House of Mouse unscathed, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix is hitting theaters on June 7 to slam the door shut behind it.

Only time will tell if The New Mutants will go straight to Disney’s upcoming streaming service or get buried in an April box office that also has James Bond 25, a live-action Disney release, and movies that haven’t been tweaked and hidden for years. I can confidently tell you that Gambit is not getting his own movie, mon ami. Not ever.

Header Image Source: FOX