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Here Is What I Want To See In 'Avengers: End Game'

By Jodi Smith | Industry | March 14, 2019 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | March 14, 2019 |


Marvel Studios is full of lying liars who lie about what is in their trailer, what’s in the trailer that’s also in the movie, and that the name of Avengers: End Game wasn’t spoken in Infinity War.

They keep giving us images, Tweets, teases, trailers, and other hints that cause us to chase our tails while sliding further and further into yarn wall territory attempting to figure out what to expect from each new movie release.

I love them for that.

It keeps us busy until we are able to pack into theaters and get throttled in the feelings for a couple of hours, content in the small things we got right and unaffected by the things we got wrong. (I’m 95% certain that Marvel Studios employs a warlock to keep up such a high level of quality and deception.)

I, however, am currently sick of attempting to tease information from every frame, hairstyle, costume design, and missing Avenger editing out of trailers. I’ve decided to just tell you who and what I want to see when I plop my butt into the fancy reclining seat at my local theater, sip my Cherry Coke, and watch End Game.

1. I want the Quantum Realm used instead of alternative dimensions or time travel. It’s been built up, so let’s go with it.

2. I want Nebula to finally get her hands on Thanos and I want it to hurt him. I want her to get vindication for every torture her so-called father put her through and I want her skills to get some serious screen time.


3. I need Steve Rogers to live. He can retire or disappear or any other possible path that allows Chris Evans to retire the role if he wants, but I don’t want him dead. My heart can’t take it.

4. Rocket Raccoon.


5. A montage. Montages are pretty fun. It could be a montage of the remaining Avengers getting new hair colors, practicing shooting targets, looking at things, you know? A montage so we don’t have time travel or other dimensions.

6. I cannot stress this enough, DON’T KILL MY CAP. PLEASE. PLEASE.


7. Valkyrie.

8. Captain Marvel confident, unrestrained, and kicking all of the asses that need it.


9. Give my sweet, 14-year-old baby girl her Spidey back. I know this one is the most likely to occur, but it’s honestly the one thing I need the most. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man/Peter Parker is her favorite Avenger, and the end of Infinity War sent her into a paroxysm of weeping I have no wish to ever see again for the rest of my life. No tricks! NO ALTERNATE UNIVERSES.


I’ll see all you other Marvel fans when Avengers: End Game hits theaters on April 26. I’ll be at the 10 AM screening.

Jodi Smith is a Senior Reporter, Film & Television at Pajiba. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.

Header Image Source: Marvel