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Silver Lining: At Least I Know Why This One’s Famous

By Courtney Enlow | Think Pieces | August 10, 2010 |

By Courtney Enlow | Think Pieces | August 10, 2010 |

News broke yesterday that everyone’s favorite political plaything, and by that I mean “douche we tolerate because people keep forcing us to,” Levi Johnston, has been given his own reality show.

I am of two minds. Let us examine these minds individually.

Mind 1: Honestly, in a world where E! has given reality shows to people because they are a) friends with other questionably famous people, b) sisters with a stripper pole in their living room, c) chicks who pose nude in a magazine rendered irrelevant in this era of internet porn, at least this guy actually did something. Yes, what he did was impregnate, betroth, unbetroth, re-betroth, then re-unbetroth the equally fameseeking daughter of a political candidate, she of similar questionable fame, but at least it was something.

Mind 2: That makes it worse. This present generation of teens and early twenty-somethings has been raised to believe that fame, often without talent or respect from others, is the ultimate goal. This is one thing when it’s those orange trashies from MTV, but this was someone in the inner circle of a woman who very easily could have been the nation’s Vice President. No amount of Tina Fey jokes could have made that less depressing.

Mind 1: Politics is just showbiz with more power. Of course I don’t like it, but that’s our current political climate. If anything, it takes away credibility from an already less-than-credible politician, even in the eyes of her own party. Could be worse.

Mind 2: Doesn’t that send you into a homicidal frenzy? That the political world is now seemingly embracing the idea that they are no better than fucking Snooki?

Mind 1: Of course, but they’re not doing this. He is. And at least it’s just Sarah Palin.

Mind 2: A bigass chunk of the country doesn’t think in terms of “just Sarah Palin.” To this bigass chunk, she’s a perfectly acceptable, even lauded political figure. And she will forever be associated, for better or worse, with this chodemongler.

Mind 1: It’s not like Monica Lewinski or Donna Rice are getting shows here. It’s Levi fucking Johnston. No one gives a shit about him.

Mind 2: But some people do. That’s the problem with the famewhoring do-nothings who keep getting these shows. People may be laughing at them, but they’re paying attention to them. They’re giving them a forum. The premise of this show is that this hockey-playing sperm-farm is running for mayor. Of Wasilla. A position formerly held by his former mother-in-law-to-be. This means this doucheknuckle could conceivably wield power. People have voted worse. Also, you can’t tell me that if the Clinton scandal had happened ten years later, Monica wouldn’t have gotten her own show.

Mind 1: I would have watched it.

Mind 2: Totally.