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Podjiba Presents: Round One Of The 'Fiscal First Quarter Categorization Challenge'! (Plus Some Other TV)

By Dan Hamamura | Podcasts | March 2, 2022 |

By Dan Hamamura | Podcasts | March 2, 2022 |


Okay, before we get into the real news this week:

- Dustin talked about the return of classic flavor Law & Order!

- We discussed last week’s Saturday Night Live!

- We’re ready for the upcoming finale of The Afterparty!

Okay now on to the main event, which we are calling:






We’ll settle on the name later.

But for now, we’ve started a March event that perhaps involves brackets and will help us figure out what old TV show we will revisit this summer! We each nominated shows (10 for Tori and Dan, 12 for Dustin because #Dustincheats), and decide which show moves closer to being the champion via spirited debate. One round of matchups per episode.

I’m not going to describe everything that happened this week, but some highlights:

-Tori got off to a strong start by getting two favorites (DuckTales and Pushing Daisies) through the first round… but now these two contenders have to face each other in round two.

-Tori also may have demolished the bracket later in the first round by nominating Justified (despite never having seen it), which, based on early reactions, could steamroll all the shows to the championship.

-Dustin was successful in getting his favorite show Felicity through to the second round, but the demand for chaos led to two of his other favorites, The Resident and The Good Fight falling in the first round. (Publisher’s Note: ‘The Resident’ is not a favorite! DAMNIT

-True Podjiba favorite Love Monkey didn’t make it out of the opening round, but that might be just as well because it’s almost impossible to find.

-With 16 shows left, there are 4 animated shows, so the odds of Dustin having to watch one are decent!

You can see the full bracket below to see how things are shaping up (you may have to scroll around in the window a bit):

Podjiba! The only television podcast (as far as we know) that will argue over what show we will watch in July… in March… with a bracket! Also, the only podcast that can be found right here.