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Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Pablo Schreiber

By Emily Cutler | Pajiba 10 | June 23, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Pajiba 10 | June 23, 2017 |

I’ve already covered this once, so I feel like we should probably just get to the good stuff. And don’t worry, we will. But I need to spend a quick second pointing out that outside of the varied and interesting characters he’s played, Pablo Schreiber seems like he’s a pretty cool dude. Like when he decided to crush Judy Greer’s record for most drinks consumed on Paul F. Tomkins’ show Speakeasy.

If you don’t have time for the whole thing, you will want to watch at least the first two minutes, and the section starting at about the 8:00 mark about pop-up campers.

Also important to remember? While Schreiber is dedicated enough to his work to grow terrible facial hair or get an unfortunate haircut, his personal style choices are remarkably different from his show wardrobe, and — sorry, I can’t talk anymore.

Sweet, merciful crap, that’s a good looking man.

And if you were to investigate his Instagram feed further (for research purposes), you might stumble across one or eight pictures that show off his other body of work.

And we still haven’t gotten to the good part yet.

Because as hot as Pablo Schreiber is as Pablo Schreiber, somehow, in a weird way, just a little bit, as Mad Sweeney he’s definitely hotter. Don’t give me that face. I’m well aware of Mad Sweeney’s moral shortcomings and character flaws. I’m also well aware that he’s a cocky-Irish-son-of-a-bitch-asshole who is flirting dangerously close with being full on trashy, but is somehow still making it work. And that, ladies and gentlemen. Is. My. Jam. Just look at him.


And, yes, of course he’s better in gif form. Doing magic.


Getting into crazy-ass fights.


Spitting coins into a cup in a weird, yet still hot, way.


Fun fact: everyone on the right side of the room is pregnant now. Mad Sweeney makes it work because he knows a little flare goes a long way.


And most importantly, HE DID THIS THING AND NOW I’M DEAD NOW.


Still a totally worthwhile way of going out though.