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Your Day After The Election Recovery Playlist

By Emily Cutler | Overlord Conversations | November 9, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Overlord Conversations | November 9, 2016 |

Emily: I feel like everything I suggest would be Bob Dylan or “Right Hand Man.”

Kristy: “I’m afraid of Americans.” It hurts and helps like listening to The Eels did when I was a teen.

“Quiet Uptown.” The Kelly Clarkson one. It’s great for drowning out the world while you weep on the subway.

Jodi: Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans.” RAGE Against the Machine.

TK: Rage Against The Machine’s “Wake Up”, most definitely.

And then this, on a permanent loop, for the next two weeks.

There’s this radical militant hip hop outfit called Dead Prez. They’re insanely talented, great rhymes and flow and writing and beats. They’re unapologetically political and their fury meter is set to maximum at all times. They’re aggressive and brilliant, harsh condemners of corporate media and the government’s neglect of its needier people, while also unflinching in their realism about the lives and trials and errors of black people.

But they have this track, “You’ll Find A Way” on their amazing album “Let’s Get Free”. It’s a live instrumental track that’s just so gorgeous and unexpected and full of stranger, jazzy wonder. I always listen to it when I’m down and it always helps. That’s all I can offer you folks today.


Emily: Murder By Death, TK? I saw them open for Braid 14 years ago, and I might have spent the intervening years making fun of them.

TK: Of course you did, Chambers. They’re literally my favorite band of all time, so it tracks that you’d mock them.

They’re actually quite brilliant. I usually sell people on them with this track:

Emily: The fact that they opened for Braid means they’ve got a fair amount of street cred with me. But I seem to remember the lead singer introducing a couple of songs by saying, “This is about zombies from my high school,” and “This is about dying alone. In the desert.” Maybe I was just too tipsy to catch the joke.

Steven: I’m reading those in the voice of Ted from Scrubs, scratching his head before singing while strumming his ukulele.




Genevieve: This might not be “healing” exactly, but I’ve been finding the music that played when Cersei burned down the sept pretty soothing lately.