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The One Where The Overlords Attempt To Find A Single TV Show They All Watched and Liked

By Jodi Smith | Overlord Conversations | August 24, 2016 |

By Jodi Smith | Overlord Conversations | August 24, 2016 |

This is all my fault.

Jodi: How about television shows we have ALL WATCHED and we ALL LIKED. It’s going to be a small list. The Wire? Stranger Things?

Petr: Firefly? Taking bets now: which list will be smaller - the list of TV shows we ALL liked, or the list of TV shows that TK has seen?

Kristy: I haven’t watched The Wire. I didn’t like Stranger Things. Buffy? Veronica Mars?

Petr: Never seen Veronica Mars. Only wee bits of Buffy.

Kristy: Freaks and Geeks?

Emily: Never seen Buffy. I do love all of the other shows mentioned. And everyone has seen and loved every episode of Shameless, yes? Number one on the list?

Rebecca: Not seen Freaks and Geeks or The Wire. Watched MOST of Shameless, but stopped after Joan Cusack left… I guess that counts? Seinfeld?

Petr: The golden age of the fucking Simpsons. Arrested Development?

Rebecca: Started Arrested Development. Liked it OK, but petered out after a few episodes. The Simpsons is just OK. Come at me.

TK: Maybe we should just start with a list of shows that I’VE watched, and then work from there. That might be easier. Because I’ve never seen Arrested Development or Freaks & Geeks.


Rebecca: ….Twilight Zone? Everybody’s seen some Twilight Zone, right? There has to be some older show.

Genny: Never watched a single minute of Twilight Zone, besides clips of it on other shows. I feel like Stranger Things is kind of a gimme since it’s only one season. Anything over two and viewership’s going to drop off immediately. Same with Firefly, it’s just not that significant of a time investment so even those of us who are “meh” on it have probably see all of it.

TK: And the first person who says Seinfeld is fucking fired.

Jodi: I fucking hate Seinfeld.

Rebecca: Would The Daily Show count?

TK: Nobody answer Rebecca’s question because she’s fucking fired.

Jodi: The Sopranos?

Rebecca: I have never seen a single Soprano.

Jodi: This is amazing. Our inability to find even one show is wonderful. How about Sesame Street?

TK: Is that from the guy that did Hill Street Blues?

Jodi: TK, can I fire you?

Rebecca: Pictured: TK


Riley: It’s a lot of comments, anyone say Fargo yet? Also, did anyone not like Jessica Jones?

Jodi: I haven’t seen Fargo yet.

TK: …*whisper*I haven’t either*whisper*

Riley: Ah gee.

Dustin: I did not love Jessica Jones. It was OK.

TK: So basically there is not one single fucking show we all collectively loved. That’s goddamn fantastic.

Jodi Smith is the Associate Trade News Editor at Pajiba. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.

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