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The One Where The Overlords Attempt To Find A Single TV Show They All Watched and Liked

By Jodi Smith | Overlord Conversations | August 24, 2016 |

By Jodi Smith | Overlord Conversations | August 24, 2016 |

This is all my fault.

Jodi: How about television shows we have ALL WATCHED and we ALL LIKED. It’s going to be a small list. The Wire? Stranger Things?

Petr: Firefly? Taking bets now: which list will be smaller - the list of TV shows we ALL liked, or the list of TV shows that TK has seen?

Kristy: I haven’t watched The Wire. I didn’t like Stranger Things. Buffy? Veronica Mars?

Petr: Never seen Veronica Mars. Only wee bits of Buffy.

Kristy: Freaks and Geeks?

Emily: Never seen Buffy. I do love all of the other shows mentioned. And everyone has seen and loved every episode of Shameless, yes? Number one on the list?

Rebecca: Not seen Freaks and Geeks or The Wire. Watched MOST of Shameless, but stopped after Joan Cusack left… I guess that counts? Seinfeld?

Petr: The golden age of the fucking Simpsons. Arrested Development?

Rebecca: Started Arrested Development. Liked it OK, but petered out after a few episodes. The Simpsons is just OK. Come at me.

TK: Maybe we should just start with a list of shows that I’VE watched, and then work from there. That might be easier. Because I’ve never seen Arrested Development or Freaks & Geeks.


Rebecca: ….Twilight Zone? Everybody’s seen some Twilight Zone, right? There has to be some older show.

Genny: Never watched a single minute of Twilight Zone, besides clips of it on other shows. I feel like Stranger Things is kind of a gimme since it’s only one season. Anything over two and viewership’s going to drop off immediately. Same with Firefly, it’s just not that significant of a time investment so even those of us who are “meh” on it have probably see all of it.

TK: And the first person who says Seinfeld is fucking fired.

Jodi: I fucking hate Seinfeld.

Rebecca: Would The Daily Show count?

TK: Nobody answer Rebecca’s question because she’s fucking fired.

Jodi: The Sopranos?

Rebecca: I have never seen a single Soprano.

Jodi: This is amazing. Our inability to find even one show is wonderful. How about Sesame Street?

TK: Is that from the guy that did Hill Street Blues?

Jodi: TK, can I fire you?

Rebecca: Pictured: TK


Riley: It’s a lot of comments, anyone say Fargo yet? Also, did anyone not like Jessica Jones?

Jodi: I haven’t seen Fargo yet.

TK: …*whisper*I haven’t either*whisper*

Riley: Ah gee.

Dustin: I did not love Jessica Jones. It was OK.

TK: So basically there is not one single fucking show we all collectively loved. That’s goddamn fantastic.

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Jodi Smith is a Senior Reporter, Film & Television at Pajiba. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.