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Hey! You Could (Probably) Own This Faux Dick Cheney Torture Memorabilia!

By Andrew Roberts | News | July 22, 2018 |

By Andrew Roberts | News | July 22, 2018 |


It has been a ridiculous few weeks since Sacha Baron Cohen and Showtime announced their partnership with Who Is America? I believe I’ve written about it enough and feel weighed down by the stupidity of it all — Baron Cohen’s antics aside. With Sarah Palin, Roy Moore, and a slew of others either admitting they were bamboozled by the comedian or owning up to their appearances on the show, the one that still stands out is Dick Cheney.

How they managed to film Dick Cheney is still beyond me. One would think that film would melt and memory would be erased once he realized what was going on. Think the taped portion from Prince Of Darkness, the great John Carpenter Satan movie from 1987. That’s how I picture every interview with Cheney looking, even the old ones that might look good in memory but have since turned to poison. It’s either that or I picture Mola Ram from Temple Of Doom just doing his thing and handing it directly to Cheney. You pick your own (possibly drug-induced) fantasies.


Anyway, his appearance was one of the early bits of promotion the series got before Palin and Moore opened their mouths to prove they had no brains. And in the clip, he willingly signs Baron Cohen’s “waterboard kit” with a grin on his face. He doesn’t even seem to think twice about it. And because he did that, you can now allegedly buy it on eBay.


Deadline says it is the authentic one, so you’re not just buying any old milk jug signed by Dick Cheney. You’re buying THE milk jug signed by Dick Cheney, adding yourself to the list of people who could answer the question, “Who is America?” If you really want it, the current bid sits at $3,801 with the time limit running out on Tuesday. So you still have time to jump in there and get yourself a piece of history that will likely also burn your skin and turn it black.

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