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Trent Reznor Will Save Your Life

By TK & Felicia | Music | July 6, 2009 |

By TK & Felicia | Music | July 6, 2009 |

0202_q_tip.jpgFormer Tribe Called Quest frontman Q-Tip is finally releasing his second album, Kamaal The Abstract on September 15th. What’s that, you say? His second album, The Renaissance dropped last year? Not exactly. Apparently, Kamaal The Abstract was assembled in 2001, but Q-Tip couldn’t find a home for it. It bounced around a couple of labels, and no one wanted to release it. An “experimental jazz-pop album,” it contains little rapping, and Q-Tip actually plays several instruments on it. Bootlegs have been floating around for years (I’ve heard it. It’s… different. Let’s leave it there for now), but now an official release is going to happen.

michael_jackson_12.jpgThere are talks that Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour could be turned into a tribute show, possibly at Los Angeles’s Staples Center. The show would take place over the course of a few nights. AEG Live concert promoters are saying they would like Jackson’s family members as well as other artists who were influenced by Jackson to participate. No word on whether tickets for London’s O2 Arena would be honored at the tribute show. In the meantime, a public memorial will be held this Tuesday at Staples Center.

Staind.jpgIn this week’s crappy tour news, Staind, Shinedown, Chevelle and a couple of other crappy pseduo-alt-rock bands are going on a tour called the “Stimulate This!” tour. It’s meant to be a tour to help folks in this struggling economy™ see some affordable live music, and tickets will sell for as little as 10 bucks. According to Billboard, “Tour organizers and local promoters have also lined up a variety of discounts and perks for ticket holders, ranging from food discounts at the individual venues to off-site specials at restaurants and other retailers.” While I suppose I applaud Aaron Lewis and co. for their philanthropic approach, I’d rather be drowned in hornets than come near one of these shows.

vampire-weekend-opt.jpgThe highly overrated Vampire Weekend is currently working on their second album set for release this fall. They are sticking with the sunny, reggae-tinged beats they had on their self-titled debut album. I always thought they had future potential, even though the hype surrounding them resulted in overkill for me. It will be interesting to see if they’ve developed on their second album, or if it will be another case of the Sophomore Slump.

Slayer22.jpgMetal masters Slayer are also set to release a new album this year, the adorably titled World Painted Blood. Will it sound much like their other nine studio albums? Most likely. Will I buy it? Most likely. Will it rock my motherfucking face off? Most motherfucking likely. Slayer is one of those bands that knows exactly who they are, and what they do, and they do it perfectly. Check back in late summer for our review — Pissboy, Boo and I will likely fight in a cage match to see who reviews it.

vibe.jpgAnother magazine bites the dust. This time it’s Vibe magazine, founded in 1993 by Quincy Jones. The end of the magazine comes after reduced circulation earlier this year as well as salary cuts. Pretty sad — Vibe had some glory years of being pretty engaging, cutting-edge reporting, mostly regarding hip hop and rap music and culture.

r555eznor.jpgFinally, one more reason why Trent Reznor may be the coolest dude in music. He got a 27 year-old fan a heart transplant. No, seriously. He spearheaded a fundraising effort for Nevada-based Eric De La Cruz, raising more than a million dollars — some of which came from deluxe ticket packages sold in the recent Nine Inch Nails / Jane’s Addiction NIN|JA tour. Jesus. Helping guys get heart transplants. What have YOU done recently? To think, I was just bitching about having to mow the lawn. Thanks for making me feel like a jerk, Trent.

No Monday Afternoon Playlist today, kids. Everyone was too drunk/hungover/incarcerated/filled with regret after the 4th of July weekend. Instead, here’s the trailer for Mutant Swinger From Mars, a spoof sci-fi flick directed by The White Stripes’ Jack White, which will be screened at this years Comic Con. Enjoy.

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TK Burton is the Editorial Director. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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