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Beastie Boys Storm Texas and More

By TK & Felicia | Music | May 4, 2009 |

By TK & Felicia | Music | May 4, 2009 |

austin-city-limits-733047.jpgThe Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band will be headlining the Austin City Limits Festival in Texas October 2-4. Sonic Youth, Ghostland Observatory, John Legend and pleasant surprises Lisa Hannigan and Bell X1 are also among the 130 bands that will be performing during the three-day festival. A three-day pass is $185, and they are following Lollapalooza by not offering a payment plan like Coachella and Bonnaroo did.

eminem.jpgEminem has released the trailer for his new music video, “Relapse,” shortly before the video debuted on Cinemax on Saturday. I tell you this with no intention of showing you the video, because frankly I think Eminem’s shit is tired and the song simply isn’t very good. He once had a great thing going, but he needs to start fading into the darkness. No, I tell you this because I want to comment on the ridiculousness of the whole thing. A trailer for a music video? Seriously? It’s come to this? Egads. If you must watch the video, you can find it here.

2797493438_777d9dfcdf.jpgMGMT is working on their second album, the follow up to 2007’s Oracular Spectacular, which rocked my fucking world. According to Ben Goldwasser, the new album will take on a more rock and roll feel. Here is “Electric Feel” the Justice remix:


jarvis_l.jpgJarvis Cocker has made another stride towards his quest to become the coolest motherfucker around. He’s spending time at the Galerie Chappe in Paris for a week, where he’ll basically just hang out, play improvisational pieces based on song titles made up by the audience, play with any audience members who bring their own instruments, teach music classes for kids, and provide a soundtrack for yoga and pilates classes. Seriously, Jarvis. Your level of cool has been upgraded from “seriously bitchin’” to “potentially deadly.” Oh, and he’ll livecast the whole thing on his website. (By the way, go check out his website — it’s 15 different kinds of awesome)

creed.jpgIn “this is the worst news of my life” news, Creed is reuniting and going on tour this summer. This news is worse than 9/11 all over again. OK, which one of you chanted Creed’s name three times to allow this band to rise from the dead, Beetlejuice-style?? The reunion also means a new album, which is like a terrorist attack. I gotta get out of here and prepare my signs of protest for when they roll through Minneapolis. The terrorists won’t win this battle!

robthomas.jpgFinally, the NBA shows once again that it has no idea how to market its product. It’s bad enough that I have to listen to Dustin grouse about basketball, but now… the NBA has announced that “Give Me the Meltdown” will be featured in their ads for the 2009 playoff season. That song is performed by none other than… Rob Thomas. Yes, the dickhead from that stupid crappy Matchbox 20 band. Way to have your finger on the pulse of your audience, David Stern.

Screw it, here’s your Monday Afternoon Playlist:

Felicia: This week I am listening to The Sounds’ 2006 album Dying to Say This to You. I’m seeing them live this week, and have been waiting for them to swing my way for a couple years now. They’re yet another new wave Scandanavian band that I love. They have a new album coming out next month, which will be the follow up to Dying to Say This to You. One of my favorites from that album is “Tony the Beat.”

Christian: Every once in a while, it’s good to be lucky. My girlfriend and I, whilst rummaging through the local record store’s used section, stumbled upon an absolute gem of a CD entitled Schoolhouse Rock ROCKS! This glorious compilation contains covers of classic Schoolhouse Rock jams redone by ’90s indie-alt rock acts from Ween to Blind Melon and even Biz Markie! But my absolute favorite track at the moment is Pavement’s awesome rendition of “No More Kings”, a version so well done that it’s easy to forget the educational lyrics and just jam out like it was any other Pavement track.

ShepRitz: Possum Dixon — “In Her Disco.” I first saw these guys like 15 years ago in two places: opening for the Violent Femmes and seeing their video for “Watch The Girl Destroy Me” on Rock Video Monthly. They were very good, but for some reason, they never took hold in my stream of music consciousness. Every once in a while they’d pop back in when a found an album of theirs, or when I’d sort through my CDs. Every time I rediscovered them, I realize I had forgotten how much I liked them. And so while making a mix-CD recently, it happened again. Now this song is not their best one, but i’ve had their catalogue on random repeat this week, and whenever this song came on (particularly its chorus), I found myself having to check the track name. Their first two albums are full of solid quirky pop, along the lines of the Starlight Mints.

TK: This single song consists of one of the most insane collaboratives I’ve ever encountered. Off of DJ Shadow’s brilliant album The Private Repress, “GDMFSOB” (GodDamn MotherFucking Son of a Bitch), features DJ Shadow, Roots Manuva, and the equally talented U.N.K.L.E. It’s a bass-heavy, mix-maestro masterpiece. As you may have guessed, it’s also not particularly safe for work.

Currently, the top-selling album is Deeper Than Rap by Rick Ross, beating out Hannah Montana, Depeche Mode, Rascall Flatts and Asher Roth, who comprise the remainder of the top five. You know, I look at that list and I wonder why aliens haven’t enslaved or destroyed us all.

Music News is brought to you ever Monday by TK and Felicia. Watch out, they spit.

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