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Here Comes Your Man

By Felicia | Music | April 27, 2009 |

By Felicia | Music | April 27, 2009 |

lollapalooza_2009.jpgAdult summer camp, lots of booze and illegal activities` here I come! This will be my fifth year in a row at Lollapalooza and the lineup was released last week. The already leaked headliners are Tool, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode and Jane’s Addiction; a total of six over the five of year’s past. Other acts include Lou Reed, Snoop Dogg (OHMYGODYES!!!!!!!), Animal Collective, Ben Folds, Santigold, Bon Iver and the black sheep of the festival Asher Roth. The full lineup can be seen at Lollapalooza’s website. There are a lot of repeat Lolla acts this year as well as your usual lack of hip-hop acts. Although I’m incredibly glad they added Snoop, I feel like the addition came from the realization that the only hip-hop acts they had were white and in the case of Asher Roth, shitty and illegitimate. Midwest meet-up anyone??

154930__pix_l.jpgWhat’s old is new again. And again. And again. Following in The Beatles’ footsteps are The Pixies, reissuing versions of all their studio albums due out June 15. The albums will be available in Limited Edition and Deluxe Edition box sets titled Minotaur. The albums will not be remastered but the Limited Edition will include new artwork and a DVD of the band’s 1991 Brixton Academy show. In the Deluxe Edition, extras will include all five albums on vinyl and 72-page hardcover book. More information can be found at the A+R website.

chicken-feet-colour03.jpgSo remember when I was making fun of Chickenfoot, the new band comprised of Sammy Hagar, Mike Anthony, Chad Smith and Joe Satriani? Well it looks like they sold out their first nine shows. They’re all mid-level clubs, so they’re not selling out stadiums or anything but still. I could have been wrong…Or I’m just not a Hagar fan.

laurynhill.crazy.jpgGirl, that shade of crazy does not look good on you. Has Lauryn Hill dropped the crazy and ready to make a legitimate comeback? TK reported a few weeks ago that Hill is scheduled to headline Switzerland’s Montreux Jazz Festival this summer. Now there is news that she will be performing 10 shows across Europe this summer as well. To echo TK’s sentiments, get your ass in gear Lauryn!!

Bon Iver.jpgIn an effort to give back to his community, Justin Vernon, frontman of Pajiba favorite Bon Iver, returned to his Eau Claire, Wisconsin high school last week to perform in a fundraising concert for the school’s jazz band. The school was raising money to attend Essential Ellington, an annual jazz band competition hosted by Wynton Marsalis in New York City in May. Eau Claire Memorial High School is one of 15 high school bands that will compete in the three-day festival. ECM has attended the festival six times in the last ten years. Vernon played lead guitar their first year at the festival. Vernon performed several songs at the fundraiser, backed by ECM’s jazz band. It’s really nice to see artists give back in a personal way like this. Anyone can fight against world hunger, but it’s special to see someone who hasn’t forgotten where he came from. Here is a crappy video of the fundraiser:

Finally, your Monday Afternoon Playlist. Mangia!

Chris: “Comin’ Up” by The Grouch and Eligh (feat. Mistah F.A.B.) is the second amazing hip hop song inside six months to crib the guitar lick from “The Funeral” by Band of Horses (the other is “The Prayer” from Kid Cudi’s recent mixtape) and do some heart-on-the-sleeve rhyming over. Cudi’s huge now and likely to become the next Kanye, so hopefully this duo will get some recognition too, especially because their entire record is full of indie and mainstream-appealing samples on top of soft but effective beats.

TK: I’ve been reminiscing about some of the shows I’ve seen recently — overall, I’ve been hitting some pretty good ones. But I keep thinking back to one from a few months ago, easily the wildest one I’ve been to in a while. My favorite part was the insane performance by Nashville Pussy, and one of my favorite tracks is easily the fabulously raucous “Come On, Come On” from 2005’s Get Some!. It’s nothing more than ballsy, rowdy drunken country rock, with a chorus of “Come on, come on, come on — FUCK YEAH!” that brings a smile to my face and a glint to my eye. It’s completely NSFW, but fuck it. Listen to it anyway and then go wild.

Caspar: I’ve been listening to the song ‘Paradise’ by Shivaree, from their cover album Tainted Love: Mating Calls and Fight Songs. Written by murdering scumbag Phil Spector and originally performed by the Ronettes, this is a lush and dreamy production of it with lovely strings and brass, and keening vocals from lead singer Ambrosia Parsley. God, I love Shivaree. Check them out.

ShepRitz: Enon — “Sold!” This is a brilliantly poppy song from the otherwise fuzzy, electro-tinged band, Enon. The theme of the song is somewhat jaded, as it contends that packaging sells a product and content doesn’t matter. That said, this song (which reminds me of “Jessie’s Girl” somehow) is a perfect summary of Enon’s attempt to do just that with this album, High Society. They tried to break into main stream music with their eye catching super glossy artwork, and infectious hooks. Even though I remember seeing their single “In The City” play in H&M, the album did not sell, and they reverted back to complex songs with the next album, Hocus Pocus.

Jez: Honestly, I’ve only been listening to Jez’s Favorite Hits, a playlist on my iPod. Flickerstick’s “Coke” is one of 262 songs on the list. Flickerstick got their big break from VH-1’s Bands on the Run show. For the most part, all the bands on the show were talentless hacks, but Flickerstick always seemed to pull out wins at the various battles with a lot of raw emotion and energy. At times I thought it was a bit overdramatic and pouty, but it appeared sincere, nonetheless. Some of their tunes have great dynamics. Mostly, I enjoy “Coke”, though, for the lyrics, in what they say, and also how they ramble over the music. So buy the world a Coke and lie there naked with your girl…

The soundtrack to Hannah Montana: The Movie is once again the top album this week. Second place? Day26 by Forever And A Day? Who are they, you ask? None of your goddamn business. In other news, I hate people.

Music News is usually brought to you every Monday by TK and Felicia, except for this week, when TK was kidnapped by drunken aliens.

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