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Getting So Much Better All The Time

By Felicia & TK | Music | April 13, 2009 |

By Felicia & TK | Music | April 13, 2009 |

This week’s Music News has some particularly tasty tidbits, as well as some truly priceless video. So let’s get to it.

the-beatles-02_1_1.jpgThe Beatles are re-releasing digitally remastered versions of all their studio albums on September 9, 2009. This day also marks the release of The Beatles: Rock Band. All album artwork and track listings will be released as they were originally, but they will include expanded booklets featuring updated liner notes and photos. There will also be two box sets released, which will feature a DVD documentary of the remastering process. Rumors are that discussions are still in the works to release The Beatles’ catalog digitally, but nothing confirming that was mentioned in the press release. In my opinion, The Beatles are best heard on vinyl. But my lazy side understands the ease of buying music digitally. Either way, I’m sure you diehards are really jizzing your pants over this news.

axl3.jpgIn more video game/music news, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned the Guitar Hero: Metallica game that was forthcoming, featuring some pretty cool songs by both Metallica and some of their favorite artists. Well, not to be outdone, Guitar Hero’s chief competitor Rock Band is countering by including Chinese Democracy by Guns N’ Roses. Um… yeah. That may not be the best idea, Rock Band. Couldn’t you get Axl to let you use Appetite for Destruction or even one of the Use Your Illusion albums? No, because egomaniac Rose is likely trying to persuade the world that Chinese Democracy a colossal piece of musical excrement. Well, he’s wrong. I love you, Rock Band, but that’s some DLC I’m gonna take a big, fat passola on.

dangelo.jpgD’Angelo is in the studio working on his third, and yet untitled, studio album. Special guests you’ll see on the album include Cee-Lo and Q-Tip. His last album, The Best So Far…, was released in 2008 and contained best of’s and B-sides. Dear D’Angelo: If you, by chance, lost some of that chuck that befell you, can you please do a follow-up video to “How Does It Feel?”

Universal-Music-1.jpgYou know how giant media congloms like NBC and Warner Brothers are fucking stupid for constantly pulling videos off of Youtube and ruining all of our fun? Well, at least one company appears to understand that having their stuff up on Youtube is more than likely going to actually benefit them. Universal Music Group apparently has a deal in the works that will, in addition to the already-in-existence Universal Music Youtube Channel, also create Vevo, a channel specifically for music artists. Not only that, but Universal is apparently trying to get Warner Brothers to patricipate as well. You know, in a time when record labels, like airlines and banks, are dying left and right, this is simply common sense. You need to find new outlets to get the word out about your bands. Free internet video (preferably embeddable!) is the best way to go.

Of course, who’s responsible for helping broker this deal? Fucking Bono, of course. I hate it when I like him.

keithurbannotkarl.JPGThis is the only time you’ll ever hear this phrase used in any type of context whatsoever…”Keith Urban beats Prince.” In this case, we mean in album sales. Urban topped Prince last week with his new release Defying Gravity, just beating out Prince with his three-disc release LOtUSFLOW3R/MPLSoUND/Elixer. Prince’s number two spot is surprising, considering the only place you could purchase the albums was Target. He did have two extra days in the week to rack up album sales, releasing his albums on a Sunday. At least we know Prince can probably beat Urban at a game of pick-up basketball and then serve him pancakes after. (ed. note: because I love you. -TK)

(who loves you? -TK)

kanyesp.jpgOh, Kanye West. Will you ever stop being a source of amusement for me? As with all Kanye news, I must first give the disclaimer that, with the exception of the weak 808’s and Heartbreaks album, I do enjoy Kanye West. But he’s kind of a dick. But apparently, he’s learned a lesson — from South Park. After a particularly vicious (and bizarre) skewering in the South Park episode where they depicted him as the only person in the world who doesn’t get a joke, West said on his blog “SOUTH PARK MURDERED ME LAST NIGHT AND IT’S PRETTY FUNNY. IT HURTS MY FEELINGS BUT WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM SOUTH PARK! I ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN WORKING ON MY EGO THOUGH. HAVING THE CRAZY EGO IS PLAYED OUT IN MY LIFE AND CAREER.” Don’t ask me why he appears to have issues with lower case letters. So yeah, Kanye is apparently going to try to tone down his ego. His first step? Releasing a line of cologne and energy drinks. I shit you not. Here’s a little preview of the South Park episode for you:

You can also watch the full episode here. I highly recommend it.

Pet-Shop-Boys.jpgThe Pet Shop Boys are set to release their 10th studio album, Yes on April 21. Apparently this news set off PETA, who asked them to change their name due to the negative connotation the words “pet shop” have. Pet shops and breeders have been known to have lousy conditions and blatantly mistreat animals. The band won’t be changing its name, but they are trying to bring more awareness to the plight of the pet shop animal. Oh PETA, you crazy bastards.

Actual headline on’s news briefs page: Ex-Cop Admits to Peeing on Metallica Fan. Honestly, do you need more than that? I don’t.

And now, we present you with your Monday Afternoon Playlist.

Caspar: I just went to New York for the first time with my best friend, and had a ridiculously good time. In the daytime we saw all of the sights and at night we went to a gig by the Gourds and two really fun club nights. One was a Smiths/Morrissey disco, and the other was an indiepop/60s sort of night. At that club, the first song they were playing when we came in was ‘Shout’ by The Isley Brothers. My friend and I were already steamingly boozed by then and proceeded to go completely mental on the dancefloor. I suggest that people turn it up very loud and do likewise at home.

TK: Oddly, I think that as I get older, my taste in metal is getting heavier. Case in point, Norma Jean, a metalcore/mathcore band from Georgia that is currently rocking my face off. What makes their steady place in my roation even more unusual is that they’re a Christian band — but not distractingly so. Instead, they’re an incredibly talented band who make on-the-fly time changes, vocal switches between growling/roaring and clean singing, and brutal, pounding percussion. And their guitars are flat-out nasty. Right now, I’m hooked on “Bayonetwork”, off of their 2005 album O God, The Aftermath. Last year’s release, The Anti-Mother, is pretty goddamn fantastic too. Give ‘em a whirl.

Chris: “Whiteout” by Lotus Plaza from The Floodlight Collective: It’s completely predictable if you’ve heard Lockett Pundt’s rock band Deerhunter or that band’s lead singer’s solo project, Atlas Sound, but while I like both these artists, there’s something more satisfyingly hypnotic about Lotus Plaza that has really sucked me in since I’ve heard his debut full-length. It sounds more like a cohesive record, there’s less of a racket going on, and individual songs like this one are equal parts heavenly and strange without going too far in either direction. This is the perfect entryway into ambient music for those who usually find the genre too plain or sparse.

Sean: IAMX, “The Negative Sex.” A dark, brooding electronic act whose music only rarely falls into the trap of “droning.” Many artists of this type lazily allow their songs to boringly hum on well past their expiration and practically lull you to sleep with monotony; IAMX, for the most part, knows when to cut a tune off and intersperses enough upbeat thumping to prevent any dozing. He’s got a new record coming out next month.

Shepard: “Following Through” — Dismemberment Plan. At work I’ve got the Dis Plan catalogue ripped to one play list, and whenever I initiate the list, I always start with this song. I love Travis Morrison’s vocals here. It is a catchy driving song with a positive lyrical message to remember. It is also incredibly fun to sing along with as loud as possible in the car (adding Morrison’s trademarked “YEAH!” live vocal stamp at every opportunity). It starts off full of energy and ends in a beautiful wind down.

Christian: While the Where The Wild Things Are trailer re-awakened my love for what is literally my favorite song of all time (The Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up”), the real rekindling for me this week was of my love for another Arcade Fire track, the melancholy single “Cold Wind” from the Six Feet Under soundtrack. Slow, melodic, haunting, and captivating, the song catches my breath every time I hear it.

Music News is brought to you every Monday by TK and Felicia. You will eat it, and you will like it.

TK Burton is an Editorial Consultant. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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