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'The Late Show' Delicately Responds To Trump;s Insults Of Stephen Colbert

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | May 12, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | May 12, 2017 |

What. Did. We. Just. Tell. You?

Because here’s the thing about coming after late night hosts: They’ll expose you for the racist that you are.

Did you catch that at the end? When the Time articles quoted Trump about not understanding the level of animosity leveled at the President? Because you know goddamn well he wasn’t talking about Obama, or the unprecedented levels of hate he experienced. And Trump definitely isn’t referring to the fact that for eight goddamn years he questioned, on a daily basis, Obama’s loyalty and dedication to the country he’d spent nearly a decade leading. Which means Trump is only talking about the fact that he’s just a decent guy trying to do right by the country, and doesn’t understand why everyone hates him for it.

You could theoretically argue that Trump’s distrust of Obama wasn’t racially motivated, but politically based. Which leads to a few more implications. Like, if Trump thought people were justified in hating Obama because he’s a Democrat, how in the sweet holy child’s name does he not understand that roughly half the country will hate him just for being a Republican? It might not be reasonable, but it has to at least make sense to you, right, Mr. President? And if Trump has been this outspoken about Democrats ruining the country, we should be able to find lots of statements about the terrible job Bill Clinton did, yes? Oh, what’s that? Back then we didn’t care what incompetent failures with out-sized egos thought about politics? God, the ’90s really were great!

But at this point, we shouldn’t actually be concerning ourselves with the a doddering, old, racist son of a bitch (even if he doesn’t have access to the nuclear codes). Unearthing all of the staggering deficiencies about Mr. Trump will not unpresident him. So let’s look for the teachable moment in our national crisis. Specifically: WE ARE GOING TO QUIT THAT ‘GOVERNING’ IS EASY BULLSHIT RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

We’ve had forty years of “small government” Republicans telling us that the people and system tasked with running our country are bad and need to be kept out of our private lives (except if you’re a gay or a vagina haver in which case they’ve got to shove their “religious freedoms” all up in that shit). And now we’ve got two full branches of government filled with people who have little to no experience in the jobs they’re supposed to be doing, are consistently looking for the “easy” answer, and want to drastically roll back any form of governmental protection or assistance the country needs. And they are fucking everything up.

So when this garbage notion that the government is the enemy of the people and needs to be starved out of existence finally burns down around them, I want everyone to remember Trump didn’t trick his way into the White House. Republicans have been angling for exactly this presidency for decades by insisting that straight, white, rich men are in the best position to tell everyone else how to run things. And, for the love of god, if someone tries to feed you this bullshit line in the future, remember what should be the dying words of the entire movement: “No one knew it was so complicated.”

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