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Stephen Colbert, Conservative Pundit, Returns To Us Now At The Turn Of The Tide

By Victoria McNally | Late Night TV | March 21, 2017 |

By Victoria McNally | Late Night TV | March 21, 2017 |

Oh, Stephen Colbert, how we missed you. I mean, yes, you’ve been on TV every night with Late Night and your ratings are through the roof lately, but you’re just… not the same, know what I mean?

Except for last night, of course,when the genial, musical-theater-loving version of Colbert we all currently know and love was joined once again by his “conservative pundit colleague” (who is similar yet legally distinct from the “Stephen Colbert” character he no longer owns the rights to use, thank you very much). With his hair slicked back and a giant “C” pin on his lapel, he took the time and explained to all of us in his trademark style (“Tonight’s “Werd,” which is definitely not the same thing as “Word,” okay Comedy Central?) why the Trump administration’s decision to remove Meals On Wheels from the federal government budget is actually great.

Gosh, if there isn’t something so soothing about hearing Colbert bluster about again like he did during the Bush years. It’s like slowly lowering yourself into a warm bath of satirical comedy. It doesn’t make the world any safer but it sure does soothe the shakes, know what I mean?

Speaking of people on Late Night With Stephen Colbert returning to their roots, Bryan Cranston also arrived on the scene to promote his role in the new Power Rangers movie by… dressing up as a Power Ranger. He used to do the voices for some of the monsters on the original ’90s television series, so this totally counts.

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