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Seth Meyers' Son Tried To Break Seth's Beautiful, Beautiful Face

By Emily Chambers | Late Night TV | May 1, 2019 |

By Emily Chambers | Late Night TV | May 1, 2019 |


Listen, I’m not saying I’m a witch, but I am saying I’m not not a witch. Because just this morning, I was watching this video, and thinking, “Man, Seth looks as good in a button-down as he does in a suit. If I ever spotted him with a scraggly beard in a t-shirt, my ovaries might explode.” And lo and behold, this was the very next video that played.

Now yes, it’s extraordinarily funny to watch Seth get hit in his beautiful, beautiful face by a small child. And watching Seth very slowly roll sort of out of danger as parents are wont to do (because the only thing worse than having your baby break your face open is upsetting your baby by reacting too strongly to having your face broken open (side tangent, my younger brother broke his leg in three places recently, and his two-year-old daughter, who is amazing and wonderful in every way, has developed a near-perfect ability to slam directly into the most broken spot. Like whichever spot on his leg is most bruised or uncomfortable is the exact spot she’ll barrel into because she’s pissed that she ran out of strawberries. Either that or she nails him right in the balls. Kids are amazing monsters is what I’m saying.))

Where was I?

Oh right. Seth Meyers should wear t-shirts exclusively until the Pajiba 10 votes have been tallied, children should be trained as tiny assassins, and I’ve never been more grateful for the fact that I’m getting my IUD replaced today. Because I couldn’t even watch that clip without dropping a thousand f-bombs. Way to go, Seth. You’re real hot, have superhuman control, and are a better parent than most.

Emily Chambers is a Staff Contributor for Pajiba. You can follow her retweeting other people on Twitter.

Header Image Source: NBC

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