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What Will It Take To Get Trump Supporters To Turn On Him? More Importantly, Do We Need Them To?

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | March 28, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | March 28, 2017 |

One of the mental exercises I’ve been playing since the beginning of Trump’s administration is “What If Obama Did That?” Part of it is schadenfreude, as in, “What if Obama tried to force through the ACA not over a period of 13 months, but over about 18 days? And what if then, Obama couldn’t even get a vote in a Democratically held House?” But another part is a sincere attempt to understand the mind of a Trump voter (I didn’t say it was pleasant, I just said it was sincere) because I’m pretty sure I believed in Obama as much as Trump supporters believe in him (not that I no longer believe in Obama, but the Hope and Change honeymoon is over).

All qualifying aside, the real question is, what would it take for me to turn on Obama? What about:

- A failure to put forth any substantial policy or legislation within the first two months of office
- An inability to rally Republicans around the centerpiece promise of his campaign
- A failure to follow through on any of his campaign promises really
- The resignation of the National Security Council Advisor amidst claims of inappropriate communications with Russia
- A barrage of unsubstantiated claims made by the President including inauguration crowd size and illegal wiretapping by his predecessor
- An FBI investigate into the President’s campaign’s ties to Russia, which has definitive proof of collusion
- Two failed Executive Orders banning green card holders and citizens based on their religion, perceived or otherwise
- Just the general inability to govern anything effectively at all. Like just an overall piss poor job

I’d like to believe that any one of those things by itself would make me side-eye Obama. But taken together? Is there really no point where I’d acknowledge, at least to myself,


And even if you wanted to argue that it’s still too early in Trump’s term to properly judge his administration, compared apples-to-apples, Obama still wins. Remember how Trump said he was left with a huge mess? And that’s why he hasn’t been able to do anything other than play golf every weekend? Maybe he should have tried cleaning up that mess by trying to get that infrastructure bill through Congress like Obama did with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to clean up that little mess called the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression.

But maybe I can only see these things because I’m not a Trump supporter. Maybe love does really make you blind. In which case, fuck ‘em. I mean, I don’t want to take away their health care or social service programs (that would be the people they voted for), but Republicans still support Trump at about 86 percent. Even after they saw this


Trump’s proven himself to be a wildly incompetent liar with no loyalty to anyone other than himself. And people are still standing by him. So whatever it is that Democrats decide to do after this, we need to stop pretending we’ll be able to win them over. A fair number of Republicans have no interest in fair debate or cooperative legislation. They don’t want to talk. It’s time we stopped trying.

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