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Don't Listen To Paul Ryan, The Republicans Are Lying To You About Healthcare

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | January 18, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | January 18, 2017 |

Yeah, sorry, two Seth Meyers clips in a row. The guy’s really on his game.

In yesterday’s post, I argued that liberals, independents, and sane conservatives should stop trying to argue individual points with Trump-supporting blowhards because they no longer care about things like facts, reality, or shame. We will never get a racist Trumper to acknowledge that John Lewis is a great man and Rob Schneider is an entitled hack, because they have no interest in abiding by the rules of our shared reality. Shit, the guy they voted into office (kind of) has lied, obfuscated, denied, and gone back on his word so many times that literally even they don’t believe he means what he says. So I don’t believe we should focus our efforts on trying to nail down Trump on his positions or catch either him or his sycophants in a lie. They don’t have the moral fiber to care about being caught.

But what I didn’t make clear is that I absolutely believe we should continue pointing out those lies, and protesting the actions that both Trump’s administration and Congressional Republicans are taking. For starters, the repeal of Obamacare. I’m sure this isn’t news to you, dear reader, but not a single Republican actively trying to repeal Obamacare gives a solitary fuck about replacing it. They might say they’ve got a great plan that’s *this* close to being ready to go. They’re lying. Because if they had a plan, they’d be fucking thrilled to tell us about it. Hell, if they had a plan, they’d be happy to tell us about it, and how much money it’s going to be saving the American public. Instead, they’ve passed new rules stating that the Office of the Congressional Budget is prohibited from even determining how much repealing Obamacare will cost. You know, the way that people behave when they’re completely telling the truth and have nothing to hide from you.

Hell, forget about the fact that they don’t have a plan now. Where was their plan after they shredded Hillary’s back in 1993? They’ve had twenty-four years to put a plan together, twelve of which they controlled both Houses of Congress including eight years of a Republican president. There was literally nothing holding them back from passing some form of healthcare reform, except for a deep-seated desire not to do jack shit.

So, no, I absolutely do not believe that we should stop fighting or voicing our opinions. I only believe we shouldn’t waste time trying to prove that Republicans are lying. They’re already doing that for us.

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