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Kellyanne Conway's 'Late Night' Interview Went Exactly As You'd Expect It To

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | January 11, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | January 11, 2017 |

“It’s no fun picking on you Louis; you’re so guilty, it’s like throwing darts at a glob of jello, there’s no satisfying hits, just quivering, the darts just blop in and vanish.”
― Tony Kushner, Angels in America

You’ll have to forgive my English Major indulgences in using a quotation to start this post, but my other option was just writing “THIS IS DEPRESSING AS FUCK” over and over again. Anyone who thought that Kellyanne Conway, the Pissed One’s right hand woman herself, would offering any satisfying answers during last night’s interview was clearly mistaken. Not that Meyers’ did a bad job or soft-balled the questions. He did a great job of asking pointed, important questions. Conway just did a better job of evading them.

Did you notice how many times she answered his question about the Trump campaign administration’s wrong-doings by talking about what the Democrats had done badly? It was all of them. Basically all of them. “Trump did great in reaching out to the American people, he’s got lots and lots of work to do, Hillary is the worst.” Were there any other answers? Even when Meyers asked her why several of the Cabinet nominees hadn’t completed their background checks, her answer was that Besty DeVos had completed her paperwork and hadn’t had her confirmation hearing scheduled yet. Which is a great answer to a question that literally no one asked.

I hate to sound overly pessimistic, but I’m having a hard time figuring out a way through this. The common narrative is that Republicans and Democrats don’t talk to each other anymore, that the partisan divide is getting larger because of that, and therefore it’s up to us to reach across the aisle to rebuild those bridges. And yet when presented with that exact opportunity, Conway opts for gaslighting, obfuscation, and distractions. How are we supposed to have meaningful conversations with people from the “other side” when we can’t agree to the basic facts of reality?

And, to be clear, this does not mean I believe all Republicans are intentionally avoiding direct conversations and answers or that all Democrats are above reproach in regards to their rhetoric. More so its a lamenting of the basic debate skills we used to abide by. We can’t bridge the gap or come together until we’ve established what is causing the divide. Conway’s continued refusal to acknowledge the reality of the situation might make her great at her job, but her job is destroying our political discourse.

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