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'Last Week Tonight's #JustAddZebras Is Just Adding Life To Everything

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | March 21, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | March 21, 2017 |

In addition to giving us proof that the Republicans don’t give a shit about anything or anyone, Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight also gave us everyone’s new favorite meme: Bolivian Traffic Zebras. See, La Paz, Boliva was having a bit of a traffic problem. A “people getting killed by cars” kind of traffic problem. So officials decided to solve their problem the way everyone should solve their problems: by #JustAddZebras. A total of 265 traffic zebras, a not small number of which are recovering addicts, have been hired to dance near dangerous intersections, calling attention to bad drivers, jaywalkers, and, in general, remind people not to kill each other because there are joy and zebras in the world.

Oliver loved the shit out of it. He, being a benevolent guy, gave us over twenty minutes of a zebra dancing, sitting, rocking out, and generally being zebra-ific in front of a green screen, and asked the internet to internet all over. The results have not been disappointing.

They’ve graced the videos of various politicians.

And various politically motivated liars.

This one sent with special love to TK.

I don’t think Oliver saw this one coming.

That zebra is the truth-teller we need right now.

I mean, #JustAddZebras can even make this exchange just the tiniest bit less awkward.

But not this one.

And this is still mostly unbearable, but you have to admit, having a proxy helps.

Bless you, internetting zebra-enthusiasts. Let’s all hope you get to use that footage for Trump’s impeachment trials soon.

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