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Keg Stands on 'Conan': Anything Goes At San Diego Comic-Con

By Tori Preston | Late Night TV | July 20, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Late Night TV | July 20, 2017 |

Late-night talk shows have a formula: of the several guests, the biggest come out first. You always know where things stand in the Hollywood power rankings when you see the late-night guest rosters. Unless, of course, you take your show to San Diego during Comic-Con like Conan did and play to a packed audience of hardcore fan boys and girls. When he announced his guests for the evening at the top of the show, it made sense that Will Smith and the cast of his new Netflix film Bright would take the stage before Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from the CW’s Supernatural. But in front of an SDCC crowd, it was the Winchester boys who drew the loudest cheers.

And they did not squander the moment. After discussing how many times they’ve each died on the show, the relationship pitfalls of acting with and then killing your wife on TV (she was a demon, that’s their JOB, sheesh), and what lessons Jared learned from Andy Richter on the set of the Olsen Twins’ New York Minute, they got to the heart of the interview. The Keg Stand.

Yesterday was Jared’s birthday, and apparently back in the early days of Supernatural (like 50 years ago or something - seriously, it’s been on for SO LONG, you guys) they would always sneak a keg into each other’s trailers to celebrate birthdays. As they’ve gotten older and more parental, it’s devolved into maybe having a beer (or not), but Jensen decided to revive the tradition by driving out a keg from their hometown of Austin, TX. Not just any keg, either. It was the first keg from his new craft brewery… and boy, that label sure looks like it says “Family Business.” Here’s hoping the beer didn’t taste like “saving people” with a hint of “hunting things.”

And then Conan and Jensen held Jared’s legs while he did a keg stand, because hey — it’s gonna be a long Con, might as well get things started right.

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Seriously though, they both live in Austin, TX! Whenever Supernatural ends (it won’t, it will never end), someone should hire the boys to do a Real Househusbands of Austin show, because I would watch the shit out of that.

To recap: The Winchesters were not only more popular than Will Smith, they even managed to make keg stands look slightly less dumb than they are. San Diego Comic-Con truly is an alternate reality unto itself.

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