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'Full Frontal' On Back Before Their Hands Weren't Quite So Dead And Cold

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | June 21, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | June 21, 2016 |

Hey, everybody, how you doing? A little tired of the gun control talk? Actually me too. I’m a little tired of being constantly reminded how little we’re able to do to control gun violence in the face of another mass shooting. I’m tired of the fact that even when things seem to be changing slightly, the results are the same. And I’m really fucking tired of the fact that even getting the information about how gun control might work requires a campaign all by itself.

But what I’m not really tired of yet is figuring out how we let this happen in the first place. We can also easily cite the NRA and the power it holds over our Congresspeople Republican Congresspeople who refuse to stop selling weapons to ISIS. Because as it turns out, once upon a time, most Republican politicians would have actually had the spine to stand up to that bullshit.

Oh, right, part of this is our fault. The 12 people who were shot and killed during the filibuster for gun control weren’t part of a mass or terrorist shooting so no one paid attention to them. In fact the 11,000 or so gun deaths last year were rarely covered by any news outlet. The additional 20,000 or so suicides each year using guns almost never are.

Which means of course we should push for the terrorist loopholes to be closed and for the background checks to be made universal. But we should also be pushing to figure out what the fuck is going on. And that might mean opening the debate on what the Second Amendment actually means and if we might want to just change what it means altogether. Not just debating what the Founding Fathers meant by the amendment, but what it realistically means for us today. It might mean that we do restrike the balance in favor of societal safety at the expense of individual civil liberties. It might mean that we start focusing less on the “right to bear arms” part and focus more on the “well regulated” part. It might mean that we demand our leaders show the same dedication they did all those years ago by standing-up to a tyrannical, unchecked power and state that we are no longer willing to be at the mercy of those who care only for themselves and their own well being.

You know, like they did all the way back in 1995.