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The World Might Be Horribly Broken, But There's Still A Chance To Change It

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | March 15, 2018 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | March 15, 2018 |


I don’t want to come across as naive, but I’m optimistically hopeful that the world is not completely fucked. Despite all evidence to the contrary. Which is why after watching three different segments on just how royally jacked our judicial system is (did you guess a heavy dose of racism was involved? Because, fuck yeah, it was), I’m not even in a ranty mood.

I’m in a mood where, after hearing even more details about how truly terrible our justice system is, I don’t think, “Well, I guess my extensive knowledge of Law & Order won’t help me if I’m ever arrested. Fuck all this fucking shit, and the shit it fucked in on.” Instead, I thought, “Well, I guess we’ve got to get to work.”

In no small part due to this.

Here’s what’s getting me through the days these days:

1) Trump is miserable, and his presidency is an unmitigated failure. I hate that there are millions of people whose lives are being ruined because we couldn’t learn the lesson that being president is hard and we should treat it seriously, but I’m hoping the lesson sticks now.

2) Democrats have decided to start trying, and in a lot of cases, even voting. We’re finally paying as much attention to politics as we used to whine that we wished everyone would. And it turns out, when you show up, sometimes you win. Keep that in mind for November.

3) Fucking teenagers. Jesus, that’s a weird thing to say outloud-ish, but thank god for teenagers. My general cynicism and sarcasm shouldn’t allow me to appreciate the fact that teenagers believe in stuff unironically, but I do. What’s more, teenagers are, get this, actually doing things. March things, protest things, ridiculing the president in effective ways things. And they’re doing all of this just as the “grown-ups” in the room are realizing that we too can actually make a difference if we bother doing things.

Teenagers have made me think the country might get better. The judicial system should be nothing.

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