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Dead Rabbits And Godparenting: The Things You Learn In 7.5 Minutes With Amy Sedaris

By Tori Preston | Late Night TV | October 24, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Late Night TV | October 24, 2017 |

The wait is over! Tonight’s the night that At Home with Amy Sedaris will FINALLY grace our televisions!

So naturally the delightful Amy Sedaris stopped by her old friend Stephen Colbert’s late night talk show last night to promote her twisted new homemaking series. And the thing about Sedaris is that, in addition to being charming and funny, she is loaded with educational stories. You’ll learn more in this seven and a half minute segment than you will in any other seven and a half minutes you spend today, I guarantee.

To be fair, the friendship between Colbert and Sedaris has spanned 30 years (as he points out). And more than friends, they’ve been partners in comedy. Alongside Paul Dinello (whose children Amy is godmother to), they made the cult Comedy Central series Strangers with Candy. So it’s natural that Sedaris would open up to Colbert. But still… there’s a lot of information here.

- Amy had a rabbit that lived to be 12 years old. In rabbit years, that’s INSANE

- When a rabbit dies in your arms, you wait until it gets stiff so you can measure it

- You measure dead rabbits to see if they’ll fit in your freezer because you don’t want to struggle with that

- “College takes awhile”

- You can hire people to put in your contact lenses for you

- You can take classes to teach you how to put in contacts

- If you wear glasses, no matter how you dress up, you’ll always be the character with glasses

- It’s ok to refuse to dress up as Batgirl

- Amy thinks she’s a “good” witch

- Stephen Colbert has statement ears

- Stephen Colbert is sensitive about his cooking skills

- Godparenting can include fun activities like trick-or-treating and “sliding down the stairs on a mattress”

- Godparenting doesn’t have to include babysitting alone

- In fact, being a godparent is like being a glorified playmate if you’re never left unsupervised with the kid/s

- Amy is basically 7 years old

- Stephen Colbert will be playing a “Turtle Sitter” on At Home with Amy Sedaris

At Home with Amy Sedaris premieres tonight on TruTV at 10:30pm EST.

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