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Can You Tell The Difference Between Donald Trump And Scrooge McDuck?

By Tori Preston | Late Night TV | August 10, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Late Night TV | August 10, 2017 |

David Tennant brought his considerable charm to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, to promote the upcoming finale of Broadchurch season three on BBC America, as well as his role in the DuckTales revival. Obviously the topic of Jodie Whittaker came up, and Tennant shared his delight that his friend and Broadchurch castmate would be stepping into the TARDIS as the new Doctor. He also pointed out that, gender aside, the internet tends to hate anyone and everyone who gets cast as the Doctor — at least at first. Apparently the backlash to his initial casting sounded something like: “Who’s the weaselly-looking guy? Who’s this? I like the last guy — this is not going to work for me. This show is dead to me! I resign from the internet!”

So, you know, in case you needed any more proof that the internet is often deeply wrong.

As for why Broadchurch was ending after three seasons, Tennant says, “It’s a peculiarly British thing. I think we see something that works, and we run from you — you heard about Brexit?”

But the best bit came toward the end, when Colbert brought the conversation around to Tennant’s role as Scrooge McDuck and how he prepared to play a rich, pants-less waterfowl (“I sat on some eggs”). Colbert pointed out that the character, a rich businessman (businessduck?) known for hiring his own relatives, shares some passing similarities with our own President.

And thus, David Tennant was asked to read Trump quotes in character as Scrooge McDuck (mixed in with actual Scrooge quotes). Take a listen (it starts around 5:20):

If you couldn’t tell Scrooge and Trump apart, don’t worry. That’s only because they sound EXACTLY THE SAME.

Other than the accent, of course.