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Charles Krauthammer Is The Voice Of Reason To Bill O'Reilly's Stupidity

By Emily Chambers | Horror | January 4, 2017 |

By Emily Chambers | Horror | January 4, 2017 |

As you might have heard, the Trump team is having some difficulty getting celebrities to perform at the Inauguration. The schadenfreude is funny up to the point Trump begins offering ambassadorships in exchange for participation in his swearing in at which point it becomes painfully hysterical. Because who wouldn’t want to see Dutch Ambassador Taylor Swift. (Oh my god, y’all, these wooden shoes are adorbs!) Now given that Trump secured less than 47 percent of the election votes (or less than 20 percent of the full U.S. population), a non-fuckhead reasonable person might infer that these celebrities don’t want to perform for Trump because they dislike his politics or because they don’t want to support a wildly racist asshat. Luckily Papa Bear is here to clear that up.

Turns out, celebrities won’t agree to perform at the inauguration not because Trump is what would happen if a xenophobic turd sandwich had a baby with a sexist Nickleback song, but because they’re afraid that people will boycott them. He continually refers to this as “reverse McCarthyism” because either A) he’s attempting to trick his audience into believing that private citizens expressing their freedom of speech by choosing not to speak is the same as a governmental witch-hunt aimed at destroying dissent either real or otherwise, or B) O’Reilly doesn’t know what McCarthyism is. (Those are your only two options, Bill. You’ll have to pick one.) And, God as my witness, I never thought this day would come, Charles Krauthammer is here there to point out the ways in which O’Reilly is acting like a dumbass mistaken.

As much as I’m troubled by the fact that Charles Goddamn Krauthammer is acting as the voice of reason, I am delighted in watching him trying to dance around having to actually say, “Maybe people just don’t like Trump.” He apparently believes Trump’s repugnance has Candyman qualities, and he’s afraid of saying it out loud too many times.

Krauthammer does a fairly decent job of refuting O’Reilly’s points while not doing too much damage to his own reputation among Fox viewers. So in this specific clip only, he’s upgraded to only being a half-asshat. But since he missed the mark on a few of O’Reilly’s stupider points, I’d like to take a crack at them:

1) “There are wide reports that many entertainers are frightened to perform in the inaugural festivities on January 20th.” No, there aren’t. We know that because you say you “cannot confirm the fear element.”

2) “The man won the election.” Nope. He won the electoral college.

3) “Reverse McCarthyism” would mean the general public was wielding its influence over elected officials in order to change laws and governmental processes. Or what’s usually called “democracy.”

4) “The evidence is that nobody’s booked!” No, that’s evidence that Trump somehow has less charisma than even George W. Bush. This guy.


5) So this is the part that I need actually explained to me: who exactly is doing the oppressing in this situation? O’Reilly seems to be saying that lots of celebrities would be lining up to perform for Trump except that it would hurt their careers. Meaning that large portions of the general public don’t like Trump or people who associate with him. Which, for O’Reilly at least, can’t be true because Trump won the election, and because most Americans identify more with the Republican right than the touchy-feely left. So a small segment of “rabid anti-Trump activists” are unduly influencing the entire country enough that the biggest celebrities in the world are feeling that pressure a full degree removed? Anti-Trump activists > the entire rest of the country > Beyoncé? Is this how influence works in Papa Bear’s world?

6) “Not me. I think the process should be respected, and anyone invited should show up just to help their country.” To his credit, this is in line with most of O’Reilly’s thinking. He is a partisan hack, but there are elements of the Presidential office which O’Reilly respects regardless of who is in it. He feels citizens owe it to that office to cooperate when needed regardless of personal politics. He might do well to remind his own party of that belief though.

Emily Chambers is a Staff Contributor for Pajiba. You can follow her retweeting other people on Twitter.

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