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Bloody Gruesome: 6 Game of Thrones Scenes I Had to Look Away From

By Nadia Chaudhury | Game of Thrones | June 3, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Game of Thrones | June 3, 2014 |

I am a very squeamish person. Just ask my husband whose hand I grip ever so tightly during any scene that might involve blood being spilled or skin being cut, including needle injections. ESPECIALLY needle injections. But despite my weak stomach, I still love Game of Thrones, the king of appalling television. Here are six scenes I’m not ashamed to admit I had to look away from. I don’t need to tell you you’re going to get spoiled if you continue on, right? Right.

6. Jaime’s chopped hand

Jaime learns that being a Lannister can’t get you out of everything, and to emphasize that lesson, instead of taking out his eye (which would be even worse), Locke goes for the Kingslayer’s sword-fighting hand, and you see a nice cross-section of a Lannister arm.

5. Arya and Needle cross Polliver off the list
Arya finally gets her sword back, and she gets to shorten her nighttime mantra by one name. Also, like brother, like sister, Jon Snow had a similiar kill through the back of someone’s head, though Jon’s was a bit more cut-throat, so to speak.

4. Sansa’s almost rape
All the pleasure I got from watching Joffrey’s subjects slinging shit at their weasley king was wiped away when Sansa, the victim of the Lannister’s torments, is almost raped by drunkards. Thank god the Hound saves her.

3. Joffrey’s sadistic torture
We all knew from the beginning that Joffrey was a horrible human being. It wasn’t until we see what Joffrey did with Uncle Tyrion’s bedroom present of Ros and Daisy, and what Joffrey made Ros do to Daisy, that we learn just how deeply despicable Joffrey is.

2. The Mountain crushes Red Viper’s head
Oberyn’s desire for confession outweighed his need to live, and he paid dearly…

1. Stabbing the unborn Stark baby
While all of the Red Wedding is horribly gristly, the true look-away moment is Talisa’s belly repeatedly getting stabbed, killing the unborn Eddard inside. Grey Wind’s death was no picnic, either.

Nadia Chaudhury’s husband played the beginning of “Rains of Castemere” during their first dance at their wedding.

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