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Because Maybe Next Year Won't Suck: Here's What The Overlords Are Looking Forward To In 2019

By Tori Preston | Film | December 31, 2018 |

By Tori Preston | Film | December 31, 2018 |


Phew! We’re almost there, folks: dropping the lid on the steaming dumpster that is (was?) 2018. And sure, it’s not like the world will miraculously look better on the other side of midnight. That’s not how time works! We’ll still have the same problems, and probably a heap of new ones waiting to crush our spirits in the new year. But why dwell on our inevitable disappointment? Instead, let’s savor this chance to pretend next year will be a nice place to be by focusing on the positive: All the things 2019 has in store for us that we actually want. From pop culture tentpoles to personal milestones, here’s just some of what the Overlords are anticipating:

“What I’m looking forward to in 2019 is the Walt Disney World marathon, which will be my first full marathon. This is because I’ve been training for it since August and I am genuinely unable to think past the event itself, about anything. It is a large and all-consuming blot on my timeline that I’ve spent months preparing for, and you can check back in with me once it’s over to see what else I’d like to do next year. Immediate plans are “eat” and then “nap” but after that maybe I’ll see some movies or tv in the other 11 months of the year. Who knows. I hear there’s more Game of Thrones coming?” — Genevieve

“I’m looking forward to all the horribly awkward conversations that need to happen on Game of Thrones. Jaime and Bran: “sorry about pushing you out of the window. Can I join your team now?” Sam and Dany: “Tarly….hmm, that rings a bell…” Dany and Jon: “Uh, turns out you’re my nephew and maybe we shouldn’t have…you know…oh gods, let’s never speak of that again.” Please don’t just go for the big battles; really milk those awkward moments.” — Hannah

True Detective Season 3 — The first season was one of the best seasons of television this decade (except for that finale, ooof), and the second season was a complete and total disaster in spite of some great talent on hand. I’m looking forward to finding out if Nic Pizzolatto is always bad but Cary Fukunaga covered his ass in season one, or whether Pizzolatto just a had bad year after being rushed to production, or if Pizzolatto is bad again but directors Jeremy Saulnier and Daniel Sackheim can cover up his mistakes in season three. Either way, it’s two months we get to spend with Mahershala Ali in Arkansas. How bad can it really be?” — Dustin

Dustin’s Disappointment. The thing I’m most looking forward to in 2019 is Dustin’s supreme disappointment in the third season of True Detective. Even with the things he mentions that are giving him optimism, and even with the fact that David Milch purportedly assisted Pizzolatto (in exchange for Pizzolatto helping out on the new Deadwood - but whyyyyyyy, David?!), there’s maybe a 10% chance this is good, a 10% chance it’s bad, and an 80% chance it’s a complete shitshow. One of my favorite Dustin traits is his bottomless well of optimism. And much as I love when his optimism bears fruit, I’m mostly dead inside (well, dead and cheesesteaks) and, thus, I have learned to relish when his optimism is rewarded with the cold hard truth of fucking reality. …Oh. And aside from that, I’m really looking forward to the aforementioned Deadwood movie, that show being my all-time forever-time fucking favorite and if you don’t agree, you hoopleheads can fuck right the fuck off.” — Seth

“OH FUCK! No, no, I’m too drunk for this now I’m afraid. I guess I look forward to the 11th hour socialist of the world, courtesy of JC and AOC, steering the world away from damnation just before we run out of time. But also the next Linklater movie.” — Petr

[Please Note: I was commanded to use Petr’s quote verbatim by the Upper Overlords, before he sobered up enough to edit it. But I think we can all agree that it’s perfect as-is anyway]

Schurniverse January! I have almost no idea what things are happening when, but for a few glorious Thursdays in January, we’ll get to live in Mike Schur’s world for an entire hour, as NBC has wisely decided to pair Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s arrival on NBC with the remaining episodes of The Good Place, a full hour of pure goodness to start the television year on the right foot.” — Dan

“There are many, many movies I’m looking forward to in 2019 — Jordan Peele’s Us, Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, and TWO Steven Soderbergh joints — but I must let my thirst guide me here. It is leading me to the new Riz Ahmed film Sound of Metal, in which he plays a metal drummer struggling with the loss of his hearing. It’s directed by Derek Cianfrance collaborator Darius Marder (they wrote The Place Beyond the Pines together, a movie whose first and third segments I love eteranlly), and um, this is what Riz looked like while filming:

Sooo YEAH. I’m real ready for that shit.” — Roxana

“Books! Every year is a good year for books if you know where to look, but 2019 has some major titles I can’t wait to get my hands on:

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James: The Man Booker Prize winner’s latest is kicking off an epic fantasy trilogy that’s been billed as the African mythological equivalent of Game of Thrones,

Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi: Another fairy-tale retelling by the prize-winning author, this time with a twist on Hansel & Gretel,

The Witches are Coming by Lindy West: One of the sharpest and funniest feminist commentators around turns her fiery focus to topics ranging from rape culture in geek movies to the ‘political correctness’ debate to South Park,

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang: The follow-up to Hoang’s immensely charming romance debut The Kiss Quotient,

In an Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire: The fourth Wayward Children novella, which remains my most beloved current fantasy series, and the one that makes me sob like a small child with every installment,

And Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young: Imagine The Handmaid’s Tale crossed with Westworld? Of course I’m there!” — Kayleigh

Star vs. The Forces of Evil returns with season 4 in 2019. I fell into this chipper and deeply weird Disney cartoon series last spring in a spontaneous binge-watch. As a kids fantasy show, I figured it would be an easy watch to have in the background as I did chores. But before long, the unapologetically girly and powerful sorceress with a playful fashion sense and laser-shooting puppies had me hooked. Creator Daron Nefcy not only dealt out a slew of silly stories that made for perfect feel-good fun, but also began carving a compelling arc where this peppy princess realizes that her family history is not what it seems. Over the first three seasons, Star went from fighting monsters, to realizing she might be on the wrong side of history, then fighting for an uncertain but better future for everyone in her realm. With so many unexpected turns and major plot reversals, I can’t wait to see where this imaginative and thought-provoking series goes next.

If you love Gravity Falls, you really ought to check out this one.” — Kristy

And as for me? It’s hard to pick! Or, well, it was… until I remembered that Happy! is due for a second season over on the Syfy channel. And I mean, that is extremely my shit. Christopher Meloni’s performance in the first season may have been overlooked by basically all the award shows, but I think he deserved a Peabody for his facial expressions alone. Also? Apparently the plan is to center each season around a different holiday, and next up is Easter, so I can’t WAIT to see what drugs the Easter Bunny will be all fucked up on. Honestly, if 2019 just gives me more Happy!, it’ll go down as a win in my book.

What are you looking forward to? Health, happiness, and Captain Marvel? Let us know below!


Tori Preston is the managing editor of Pajiba. She tweets here. You can also listen to her weekly TV podcast, Podjiba.

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