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Trailers You Missed: 'Taron's Actually Singing In The Film' (Oooo Sick Burn, 'Rocketman'!)

By Tori Preston | Film | February 19, 2019 |

By Tori Preston | Film | February 19, 2019 |

Rocketman Taron Egerton (1).png

Now look, I’m not saying that the upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman is definitely targeting Bohemian Rhapsody with its latest featurette. I’m just saying that the film, directed by Dexter Fletcher (who finished directing Rhapsody after Bryan Singer left the project), seems to be making a VERY BIG DEAL about how star Taron Egerton is doing his own singing (unlike the muddled, mixed vocals for Mercury in Rhapsody). And, apparently, Egerton is doing a damn fine job of it! See, listen! Even Elton’s happy with it! It’s fine. IT’S FINE. Bohemian what now? Malek who?

Rocketman — In theaters May 31
In addition to Egerton as an Elton-approved Elton John, the film also stars Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin, as well as Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard, Tate Donovan, and Stephen Graham. And feathers! And sequins! And sunglasses! Bohemian what now?

But hey, music biopics are a whole thing, and even Netflix is getting into the game… with a movie about Mötley Crüe?!

The Dirt — Coming to Netflix on March 22
This film is based on the bestselling autobiography about the band, but I’ll be honest: I haven’t read the book, and Crüe was a little before my time so I’m having a hard time judging this one. Mostly I’m struck by how very pretty Douglas Booth is as Nikki Sixx, but being struck by how pretty Douglas Booth is happens to me every time I see him. I always forget that guy exists, and then he pops up in something and I’m like, “Who is this guy again and where can I buy his facial structure GIVE IT TO ME NOW.” Ahem. Anyway, the Overlords who are more fluent in Mötley Crüe seemed underwhelmed by the trailer — what do you think?

Wow, that’s a LOT of music movies, eh? What next — the long-awaited Jon Bovi biopic?!

(Seriously, if you missed that episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, there are a lot of good clips about Jon Bovi, including Jon Bon Jovi’s reaction to the sketch and a whole Q&A discussion about them!)

And now for something completely different:

The Souvenir — In theaters May 17
There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this one. It was a Grand Jury Prize winner at Sundance. It stars Tilda Swinton and her actual daughter, Honor Swinton Byrne. The story, about a young film student whose first love affair is misguided, is based on the experiences of the film’s writer/director, Joanna Hogg. Tom Burke plays the mysterious lover — and while he’s been in a lot of things, I always remember him from the recent BBC adaptation of The Musketeers (the same one that starred Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu, right before he got that gig on Doctor Who). But mostly? Richard Ayoade is in it! I love him! Did you know Ovation has been airing his show, Travel Man? He’s just the best. But I digress. This one looks just lovely.

And now for something completely different again! BOOYAH — EMOTIONAL WHIPLASH!

Fighting With My Family — In theaters Feb 22 (so, like, basically now)
This is an inspirational follow-your-dreams wrestling movie written and directed by Stephen Merchant and produced by Dwayne Johnson (and now I’m just imagining those two in a very tall buddy comedy together). Nick Frost plays a former gangster/wrestler who is married to Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister OMG)! And his kids wanna be wrestlers, and they get their chance, but The Rock is kind of a dick to them and also Vince Vaughn is there! WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?!

This trailer made a big splash last week, but if you missed it… well, that’s what we’re here for!

Long Shot — In theaters May 3
A romantic comedy about how a very capable woman almost has her life’s ambitions derailed by Seth Rogan? Oh don’t worry, this isn’t Knocked Up: Redux. It’s about how Charlize Theron is the Secretary of State and wants to run for Prez, but then she hires her old school chum Rogan, a free-wheeling political writer, to help pump up her speeches. And sparks fly! They hit it off! And he’s maybe a terrible influence! And their love might put her career at risk! I mean, there are a lot of ways this one could go wrong, but I’m hopeful. Jonathan Levine (50/50, Warm Bodies) is directing, and the cast is sick: Bob Odenkirk, Alexander Skarsgård, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Andy Serkis, and Randall Park! Also? There’s a lot to be said about the way we hold female politicians to an impossible standard, and it looks like this movie will unpack some of that. If nothing else, “President Theron” is a t-shirt I’d absolutely buy.

And finally, a buncha hot dudes auditioning to replace Batman opposite Ben Affleck himself!

Triple Frontier — Coming to Netflix on March 13
Yup, that’s Ben Affleck. And there’s Oscar Isaac, and Charlie Hunnam, and Garrett Hedlund (who remains not-Charlie Hunnam, apparently), and my boo Pedro Pascal. And they’re all playing former Special Forces operatives who go all-in on a dangerous heist for the promise of a large payday. And, uh, things don’t go as planned. Which is sorta like what agreeing to play Batman is like, I think. I dunno, ask Affleck.

Header Image Source: Paramount Pictures (via YouTube)