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Trailers You Missed: What If I Told You I Had Something EVEN BETTER Than Keanu To Show You?

By Tori Preston | Film | May 19, 2019 |

By Tori Preston | Film | May 19, 2019 |

Keanu Always Be My Maybe (1).png

At this point, you’ve probably already seen the full trailer for the upcoming Netflix rom-com, Always Be My Maybe (May 31). And if you thought to yourself, “Gee — It doesn’t get much better than movie about Ali Wong ditching hot Daniel Dae Kim for a thigh-obsessed Keanu Reeves while Randall Park pines over her,” you’d be correct! By all normal standards, this trailer should be the best thing to happen to you all week:

But what if I told you I had something EVEN BETTER?

No, not the trailer for Angel Has Fallen (August 23), which absurdly takes the general premise from Olympus Has Fallen/London Has Fallen and asks, “OK but what if Gerard Butler is the thing that falls this time?” — and then gives Gerard Butler a scraggly mountain hermit dad in the form of Nick Nolte:

And no, not the extended first-look trailer for The CW’s Batwoman, which affirms that the sexual tension we picked up between Kara and Kate Kane in the last Arrowverse crossover was VERY INTENTIONAL and NOT A FLUKE:

No, not the uncut and delicious first 6 minutes of Olivia Wilde’s SXSW darling, Booksmart (May 24):

No, not the deeply unsettling, sun-drenched trailer for Ari Aster’s upcoming film, Midsommar (July 3), which looks like it saw all the dread you felt during his last film, Hereditary, and decided to double-down:

Definitely not the teaser for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (October 18), which seems to pit Angelina Jolie’s prosthetic cheekbones against Michelle Pfeiffer’s very real ones:

And not even the bizarre duo of trailers that answer the age-old question of What Exactly Is Richard Dreyfuss Up To These Days, Anyway?

Now, just because I’m me and it’s Friday, I was tempted to say that the music video for Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest banger, “Too Much”, would be the thing to take the crown this week:

But then I found something that is, basically, technically, “a trailer”… AND IT’S FROM DUCKTALES!

I can’t top this. You’re welcome, friends:

If you weren’t already aware, DuckTales is back on the Disney Channel with a load of new episodes this month. Della Duck (Paget Brewster) has made her way back to Earth to meet her sons, Donald has gotten embroiled in an Evil Dead homage, and as you can see above, Edgar Wright has guest-starred as the director of a very grimdark “Darkwing Duck” movie. And now you have something to catch up on while you wait for Always Be My Maybe to hit Netflix!

Header Image Source: Netflix