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The Horror Movie 'The Haunting of Nicole Brown Simpson' Is Even Worse Than You'd Expect

By Kristy Puchko | Film | May 9, 2018 |

By Kristy Puchko | Film | May 9, 2018 |


Not everything at the Cannes Film Festival is glizty art-house fare. The Marche du Film is a bustling bazaar where more offbeat or downright outrageous movies are for sale. There you might find a subpar action flick touting itself as the next Bourne Identity, a monster movie about sharks killing from the vantage point of tornados, or the jaw-droppingly audacious new horror movie The Haunting Of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Voltage Pictures is currently selling distribution rights to this based-on-real-events psychological thriller by writer/director Daniel Farrands. And if you think it’s in poor taste to make a horror movie about the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This soon-to-shoot movie doesn’t just cross the line of common decency, it leaps over it, does a prolonged and obnoxious victory dance, then moonwalks back to piss on it.

Here’s the plot synopsis, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting:

Shortly after ending her marriage to famed football star OJ Simpson, Nicole (Mena Suvari) sought refuge in the company of her inner circle. When her intimate relationship with interior designer Faye Resnick soured, Nicole crossed paths with an enigmatic handyman named Glen Rogers. Moving from one clandestine relationship to another, Nicole began a brief but torrid affair with Glen before quickly discovering his darker side. After Nicole witnesses Glen carrying on a bizarre conversation with an unseen entity named “Charlie,” he attacks her and flees into the night.

After Glen’s sudden disappearance, Nicole’s life goes into a tailspin. She begins hearing and seeing things that aren’t there. A dark apparition haunts her at every turn. Alone in her house one night, she is brutally attacked by a violent unseen force. Increasingly paranoid and concerned for her safety, Nicole seeks the help of the police, her therapist, and even a renowned psychic, but they provide no comfort.

On the evening of June 12th, 1994, Nicole makes the decision to confront whatever negative energy is consuming her life, unaware that the stage has already been set for her dark date with destiny.

Spoilers for The Haunting Of Nicole Brown Simpson: O.J. didn’t do it, and it wasn’t a ghost. Rogers is a real-life convicted murderer known as “Cassanova Killer,” who has claimed responsibility for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. According to Rogers, he’d done some odd jobs for Simpson; then the football star asked him to break into his ex’s house to steal some diamond earrings, which ended in double-homicide. His story ignores well-documented evidence, including DNA. And police suspect this is a ploy by Rogers to delay his impending execution. But hey, why not make the wild claim of an attention-seeking serial killer the source of a ghost story that urges audiences to once more ghoulishly ogle the details of the savage murder of Brown Simpson?

You might wonder what the hell is going on with Mena Suvari that the American Beauty star would sign on to such a film. Us too. But even more bizarre is that The Haunting Of Nicole Brown Simpson is actually the second movie like this that Voltage has made. The first just wrapped earlier this year and stars Hillary Duff. It’s called The Haunting Of Sharon Tate.

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