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Trailers You Missed: What Does James Franco Have On Lucy Liu?

By Tori Preston | Film | April 13, 2018 |

By Tori Preston | Film | April 13, 2018 |


Happy Friday, folks! Here’s a fresh dose of bite-sized entertainment to ease your way into the weekend! First up, the official trailer for James Franco’s Future World. An “unofficial” one leaked about a week ago, got made fun of and summarily taken down, and now there’s a real one available. Honestly, it looks almost identical.

Future World: May 25, 2018
Mad Max: Fury Road meets Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles meets whatever Resident Evil sequel was set in the desert? Plus a dose of Turbo Kid and maybe a hint of Stephen King/Peter Straub’s The Talisman. But, like, worse? And also, why? Franco is on board as a co-director and star, and the cast inexplicably includes Milla Jovovich, Lucy Liu, Suki Waterhouse, Method Man, and Snoop Dogg. I’m guessing there’s a blackmail situation going on here.

American Animals: In select theaters June 1, 2018
This trailer is mediocre. But the movie is truly outstanding. Four out of four Overlords who saw it at SXSW agree: please give the movie a chance.

Ideal Home: June 21, 2019
Look, I’ll be honest; this movie could just be a hot mess of bad gay jokes. And yet, Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan as a bickering couple who upend their comfortable life to take care of a kid? I’d watch the hell out of that. Also, Rudd beard is approaching almost Cap beard levels of awesomeness. ALMOST.

The Farm: Sometime this year, apparently.
This is totally one of those horror flicks where a character who is locked up asks another character, who is ALSO locked up, “How do we get outta here?”… as if the other character knows a way out and has just been sitting there, in mortal danger, waiting for someone to come along and ask. Also, cannibalism.

DUDE: On Netflix April 20 (Duh…)
A diverse group of privileged stoner girls (Lucy Hale, Alexandra Shipp, Awkwafina, and Kathryn Prescott) prepare to enter adulthood in a film that looks charming and utterly unrealistic. So, it’s a teen movie. Bonus points for the “token white friends” joke.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle: Coming to Amazon Kids May 11, 2018
I love OG Rocky and Bullwinkle. It still seems timeless to me. So this new trailer is giving me a sort of cognitive whiplash. Like, I wanna give it the benefit of the doubt because the DuckTales reboot turned out brilliantly, but… huh.

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