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They're Really Quite Vexing: DC Should Be Taking A More 'Suicidal' Approach To Their Movies

By Joe Starr | DC Movies | April 11, 2016 |

By Joe Starr | DC Movies | April 11, 2016 |

We got a brand new Suicide Squad trailer last night, and I hope that as a result, you’re just as pumped about C-List Bad Guys Escape From New York by the director of Fury as I am.

(That’s what I like to call the movie.)

That looks fucking great.

Of course, it’s no coincidence that the first bad ass DC movie is completely Snyder free. But beyond maybe terminating the Draco Malfoy to Michael Bay’s Voldemort, maybe DC needs to reassess their character approach, too. Suicide Squad is a team of outskirt characters, and the idea of building the universe with these C and D listers with cameos from the big guns is sort of intriguing.

So if Suicide Squad works, what are some other properties they should swing for the fences with? At this point, they’ve got nothing to lose- pair some amazing filmmakers with some cool properties, and let them run free. And because I am an internet writer, I’ve got five solid ones in mind.

Batman Beyond

ss batman beyond.jpg

Batman makes money, but even as cool as Batfleck was, we’ve seen a lot of Batman this decade. So let’s change things up and play with the Batman of future, Terry McGinnis. Marvel is building towards Infinity War chronologically, so what if DC bounces around the timeline to build towards their event? A Batman movie that takes place years later would be an unexpected and intriguing move. Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson, Fury) would be my choice for sleek future ninja Batman. Luc Besson directs.

Demon Knights

ss demon knights.jpg

We’ve seen the far future, now lets head to the past. The company that gave us Harry Potter and Game of Thrones should be able to do a pretty solid super powered sword and sorcery flick, right? Or at least let’s hope so, otherwise these King Arthur movies they’re making are gonna eat diiiiicks. Demon Knights was an awesome comic from DC’s New 52 starring a man named Jason Blood, who is a mage bonded with a demon called Etrigan. It’s Dungeons and Dragons with a touch a cool DC stuff, and if fringe is where DC is going to find success, it doesn’t get more fringe than this. Also features transgender bad ass Shining Knight!

Detective Chimp

ss chimp.jpg

I don’t know shit about this character but you know you would watch the shit out of this movie.



An interstellar mercenary biker? Given how much a lot of people seem to love Snyder’s Superman, let’s just give them the most 90’s punchy thing possible. Sons of Space Anarchy meets Roadhouse. I can’t think of a better way to introduce DC’s space stuff than through the POV of a giant alien dude wearing a vest and no shirt. Put Guy Ritchie back on this thing (he was attached ages ago) and make the broiest space bro movie that ever spaced a bro.

Black Canary

ss black canary.jpg

This leather jacket sporting street level crime fighter would be a badical lady to see on the big screen. She beats people up with nightsticks and a bo staff and a sonic scream. Specifically, the Black Canary I want to see is the current one. She tours with a rock band called Black Canary and fights crime while on tour. Fuck yes I want to see that movie. My Canary? Emmy Rossum or Brie Larson. Ya’ll know you remember her singing in Scott Pilgrim.