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Yes, Charlie Puth Is 'Hungies'

By Emma Chance | Celebrity | June 15, 2023 |

By Emma Chance | Celebrity | June 15, 2023 |


In conversation with Interview Magazine this Tuesday, Charlie Puth finally addressed the rumor about him that has been haunting the internet since 2018.

“I’m sure I said it in my subconscious and I just blurted it out. I think I was probably half-asleep,” Puth told Interview. “I remember seeing it and thinking, ‘Oh God, that does sound like some stupid crap I would say.’ I don’t remember saying it, but it sounds like something I would say.”

The stupid crap in question, of course, is the phrase, “I’m hungies!” which was immortalized in a 2018 Billboard profile of Puth, when he said it to his driver while en route to the Hotel Bel-Air for lunch. Stereogum saw the story and tweeted about it: “When Charlie Puth wants lunch, he tells his driver, ‘I’m hungies!’” After that, Puth denied saying it. But now the pop star is ready to come clean.

“It’s kind of like baby talk,” he continued. “It’s like what you’d say to a dog or something. When I meet a dog, I kind of allude to a baby tone like, ‘Oh my god, you’re such a cute little baby dog.’ But maybe I just didn’t eat that day and I was on the way to lunch. ‘I’m so hungies.’”

Puth explained that the phrase was overheard by the interviewer, who was in the car with him at the time for “a day-in-the-life piece for, I don’t even remember what magazine.” He says he “didn’t really have amazing representation” at the time and riding in the same car as an interviewer “would never happen now.”

Hilton Dresden of Interview then emphasized that he didn’t think the phrase was “anything to be ashamed of.”

“I never expected it to reach so many people, but I’m glad that people know me for more than just that,” Puth responded, putting the story to rest.

Source: Interview Magazine