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Why Didn't John McCain Catch The Kiss Ashton Kutcher Blew At Him Today?

By Victoria McNally | Celebrity | February 15, 2017 |

By Victoria McNally | Celebrity | February 15, 2017 |

To some (myself included), Ashton Kutcher will always be that guy who thought it was a good idea to dress up in brownface for a Popchip commercial. Fortunately, he’s moved on splendidly from that unfortunate mistake and now uses his Hollywood clout to do good in the world. For example, did you know that he co-founded Thorn, an organization that fights against sex-trafficking and child exploitation on the internet? Since 2008, they’ve reportedly helped to identify 6,000 different trafficking victims.

Today, Kutcher appeared before the U.S. Senate to testify during a Foreign Relations Committee hearing in support of the End Modern Slavery Initiative. Say what you want about actors getting “political,” but it’s inspiring to see how Kutcher is using his privilege, fame, and money to make a difference in the lives of — oh, wait, what’s that, Arizona Senator John McCain? You wanna use your time as a member of this committee to insult his looks instead? Okay, I guess that’s also an option.

“I’m hip with celebrities!” McCain is probably thinking in this moment. “They like it when you ignore the important work they’re doing to make fun of their stupid faces! Everybody on SNL did that when I hosted that one time!”

But Kutcher took it in stride with the most confrontational kiss-blow I have ever seen. It is the Trudeau-Trump handshake of friendly air kisses. Let’s see it again:

The camera didn’t pan back to McCain in time for his immediate reaction, but given his current track record of weakly calling people out and then refusing to follow up in any meaningful way (coughTrump), I can only imagine that he was not quick enough to catch the kiss. With any luck this failure will haunt him for the rest of his life. You know, among other failures.

In all seriousness, Kutcher delivered an incredibly passionate, moving speech about the plight of sex trafficked children, and it’s worth watching if you can stomach the more upsetting details of such a topic. Check it out via C-Span below (starts about 15 minutes in):