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The Real-Life Origin of Halle Berry's Line 'You Can Kiss My Black Ass' Involved Bryan Singer

By Jodi Smith | Celebrity | July 31, 2020 |

By Jodi Smith | Celebrity | July 31, 2020 |


This year marks the twentieth anniversary of X-Men and The Hollywood Reporter decided to celebrate it by reminding us what a sh*theel Bryan Singer was on set.

Crediting Singer with “chang[ing] Hollywood’s approach to superhero movies forever,” the THR piece delves into the myriad of sexual assault allegations, lawsuits, and predatory behavior allowed on the director’s sets from him and his close friends. Singer cast his boyfriend as an extra, got his assistant David Hayter to write 55% of the script by taking notes in meetings, always had young men in meeting with him when they had to business being there, and used back pain medication while on the set. At one point, current Marvel Studios President Keven Fiege was called in to keep Singer on-task during filming

Regardless of his clusterf*cky way of making movies, X-Men made Fox huge amounts of money and the studio decided to keep Singer on for the sequel. Once again, Singer kept questionable company on set, like Broadway producer Gary Goddard who later stood accused of sexually assaulting Anthony Edwards when he was underage, along with several other victims. The drug use during filming also allegedly continued during X2, with Singer supposedly working with crew members also under the influence.

On one such day, Hugh Jackman was injured and bleeding after a stunt gone wrong due to Singer’s insistence on filming it a day early — without a stunt coordinator present. It was after a brief shutdown of filming ordered by producer Tom DeSanto that a majority of the film’s main cast confronted Singer, while in costume, to talk about them walking away from the project if DeSanto didn’t remain on set and as a producer. In a culmination of the cast’s rage, Halle Berry allegedly uttered the famous words, “You can kiss my black ass” to Singer.

While Singer laughed off the confrontation in later interviews after the verbal altercation leaked, I have no problem believing that’s exactly what Berry said to him. If only she had been able to strike his nads with lightning as she turned to leave.

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