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The Nicest Things Ever Done or Said By the Mean Orange Man

By Jodi Smith | Celebrity | October 24, 2016 |

By Jodi Smith | Celebrity | October 24, 2016 |

Call it fair and balanced reporting or blame it on my inexplicable need to see if there were enough nice things done by The Donald to make a list. Here we go with the nicest things Mr. Trump has done, said, clearly forgotten about, and possibly regretted.

1. Used His Private Jet to Fly A Critically Ill Boy to New York

In 1988, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that a young Orthodox Jewish child named Andrew Ten, age 3, was taken via Trump’s private jet to New York for medical treatment.

“Mr. Trump did not hesitate when we called him up. He said ‘yes, I’ll send my plane out,’” 29-year-old Harold Ten recalled shortly after he landed here Tuesday morning.

Harold Ten was later charged for his role in an alleged ring of brokers, investment advisers, and their clients that used his medical knowledge to profit from the deaths of terminally ill patients.

2. Fought Palm Beach Racists After Buying A Club In Area

In 1997, Trump turned the Mar-a-Largo estate into a night club. Some other clubs in the area still had policies in place to bar Jewish people and African Americans from entering them. Trump sent a copy of 1967 movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? to a council tasked with voting on lifting the exclusionary practices in the clubs. So goes the Cliffs Notes version of the story.

Actually Trump purchased the estate in 1985 and wanted to convert it to a club in 1990s. When the estate was set to become a business, a set of restrictions were given to Trump to follow. Photography, traffic, and other things would be strictly controlled. In order to get those restrictions lifted, Trump began a crusade against the discriminatory practices in order to get his way and endear his business with the 40 percent Jewish population.

Not to mention the fact that when Trump first tried to purchase Mar-a-Largo, his $28 million offer was turned down and he retaliated by buying the ocean front property directly in front of the estate. He then threatened to make the view intolerable and waited as the price dropped and dropped. Then he bought the estate.

3. He Allowed Jennifer Hudson to Live At Trump Towers For Free After Her Family Was Murdered

The only proof of this is Trump himself saying he did it and People Magazine reporting it. If he did it, great. There is no way to know for sure. That was in 2008.

4. Visited Ryan White At Home

In 1985, Ryan White was a young man dying of AIDS from a blood infusion containing the disease. Before he passed away in 1990, many celebrities visited his home. Trump was one of those celebrities, as was Michael Jackson, Elton John, and Former Vice President Dan Quayle.

I’ve seen some claims that Trump paid medical bills, but I couldn’t find a reputable source for that.

5. Gave A Hero Bus Driver $10,000

In 2013, a bus driver altered his route to help a woman threatening to jump from an overpass. Trump declared the driver, Darnell Barton a “really cool, great guy” and promised him $10,000. Buffalo News reported that the $10,000 did indeed find its way to Barton, but Trump did not deliver it in person.

“Although I know to you it was just a warm-hearted first response to a dangerous situation,” Trump wrote to Darnell J. Barton, “your quick thinking resulted in a life being saved, and for that you should be rewarded.”

Well done on that one, mate.

6. Trump Hired the First Woman In Charge of Building A Skyscraper

I’ll let the woman he hired, Barbara Res, explain this one.

Donald Trump has been telling voters he is not a sexist, does not discriminate against women and will be “great for women” as President. As proof of this, he points to his hiring of a woman to oversee the construction of Trump Tower in 1980, when there were a very few women in construction.

I was that woman.

My view on his statement, and his candidacy more generally, in light of my experiences working directly for him and his then-wife Ivana: Even though he just went out of his way to repeat a pejorative reference to female anatomy to describe Ted Cruz, Trump is not as bad as he sounds. But he’s a lot worse than he says.

Trump will tell you that everyone likes him. This is not the case. He can be very charming and ingratiating, but he is not nice. In my experience, he is nasty to the people who work for him. He can be very abusive and curt. He has an incredible temper and he lashes out at everyone, including [his daughter] Ivana.

He has his fixed idea of how women work. He also used to have fixed ideas about certain nationalities, such as who are the best with money, who are the sternest masters, who are the cleanest. Just reflecting society — he profiled, but didn’t discriminate. He would always hire the person he thought was best without regard to gender. I know I never got a break like the one I got from Donald.

Every employer I have ever worked for has considered me in terms of my gender. I would say that in that way, Trump was the best of them.

He leered at attractive female employees. Yet I would call him more of a womanizer than a sexist, sort of like Bill Clinton. Trump says he loves women and I suspect he does, in his own way. But his public denigration of women and his association with objectifying activities like Playboy and pageants have the overall effect of blunting any assertion that he is not sexist, regardless of how many women Trump has hired. - via New York Daily News

I’m sick of Donald Trump’s face, so please enjoy the header photo of Hayley Atwell, because she’s fucking rad and her mediocre show is on tonight.