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Jordan Peterson Has a New Book and ... This Can't Possibly Be Real . . . Can It?

By Petr Navovy | Celebrity | October 25, 2019 |

By Petr Navovy | Celebrity | October 25, 2019 |


Hey, you know what?

It’s been a little while since I’ve heard much of Jordan Peterson!

When last we checked in with our favourite sourfaced quasi-fash chucklef**k, he had announced his intention to conquer that most vitally Jungian of endeavours—fashion, natch—by releasing a lobster-themed clothing line.

Sounds like a joke.

It ain’t.


What can I say. It’s 2019. Words don’t mean anything anymore, so let’s just go with it.

But the lobster fashion news is a few months old now. So what’s the grim-eyed Serious Man Genius Man behind such groundbreaking theories like ‘clean your room’, ‘women = chaos’, and ‘trans people want rights? DONT TREAD ON ME’ up to these days?

Well, you might recall a little while back he announced he was going on an ‘all meat diet’. Actually it was even more gaga than that. As The Guardian reported back then, from Peterson’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s circus of faux-intellectualism and alt-right skidmarkery:

“I eat beef and salt and water. That’s it, and I never cheat. Ever. Not even a little bit,” Peterson said. He’d been put on to the diet by his daughter, Mikhaila, and lost 60lb. What’s more, his anxiety and depression had lifted.

That was about a year ago. Fast forward to today, and there’s a book listing on Amazon now for a soon to be released book that apparently looks like this:



But wait!

It gets better. This is the table of contents:


‘The Lion Diet!’

That’s more than I can bear. Cheers, Dr P. I’m taking that one to the pub tonight.


ETA: It looks like this ‘book’ is not being sold directly by Peterson. His level of involvement is unknown at the moment.

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