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Internet Drags 'Space Karen' Elon Musk for Spreading Nonsense About COVID Testing

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | November 16, 2020 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | November 16, 2020 |

Elon Musk Getty Images 1.jpg

Oh Christ, it’s this guy again.

Elon Musk has long stopped caring about things like facts, good public relations, or not inciting conspiratorial panic among his needlessly loyal fandom. He’s quickly become a self-parody, the kind of caricature of a Silicon Valley chump that makes Mike Judge’s job much harder than it needs to be. Dare I say it, he’s close to full Kanye. Musk has embraced his new status as a How Do You Do Fellow Kids internet troll, a cross between an extended dad joke and a 4Chan board. Now, because of course he has, Musk has decided to drum up further fears about the literal pandemic we’re living through.

This is nothing new for him, alas. He’s never taken the coronavirus all that seriously. Way back in March, Musk ordered Tesla factory workers in Freemont, California, to report to work despite a shelter in place order from the local sheriff’s office. He also declared that he would start making ventilators if there is a shortage’, which there certainly was, but hey, action is for losers, right?

Now, he’s spreading nonsense about how COVID-19 testing works.

He claims that he ‘tested for covid four times’ in one day, and that the results were divided. He said that ‘something extremely bogus is going on.’ Science Twitter quickly jumped to its feet, with Emma Bell Ph.D quickly correcting him and offering one of the great slams of the year.

‘Space Karen.’ Hot damn, that’s good.

Bell offered a more detailed explanation as to why Musk was wrong. They also wrote a longer piece on Medium that went into the issue further:

It’s no surprise to me that Musk has no idea how these things work. Like many men who are good at one thing, he seems to believe that gives him authority over all the things. The internet came out a-swinging at Space Karen and it was, not gonna lie, pretty cathartic.

Musk’s devotees were obviously out in full force taking offense to this, but I was laughing too hard at ‘Space Karen’ to care.

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