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Ilana Glazer Dreams Up A 'Broad City' Crossover We Want Right Now

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | April 22, 2016 |

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | April 22, 2016 |

This season on Broad City, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer took their characters’ knuckleheaded hijinks to new heights, folding in scads of ’90s references , slyly mocking Cosby, and welcoming real-life kween Hillary Rodham Clinton on as herself.

So what could they do to top themselves with season four? How about a full tilt musical episode? They have dabbled in musical moments. There was Abbi’s naked dance to Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”

The ladies’ hip hop celebration of a big pay day:

Their full on Sister Act finale.

And of course that time Val came to play:

The idea was floated before at Tribeca Film Festival panel for Broad City. THR reports Jacobson and Glazer were joined by co-star/co-writer Paul W. Downs and co-writer/director Lucia Aniello.

Asked about the possibility of a full musical episode, Jacobson was reluctant, saying, “I feel like it would have to be a fantasy sequence. It doesn’t feel totally right, but it’s not totally off the table. Whoopi Goldberg felt like our musical episode.”

Jacobson added that Glazer does have a beautiful singing voice though. Aniello agreed, and pondered how a musical episode might fit into the world of Broad City, saying, “There’s a J.Lo side of New York City with song and dance that we haven’t really done yet, so maybe there can be a Brooklyn- and Bronx-themed musical. I think it’s time to get Ilana’s pipes out there. And also her brother Eliot [Glazer] is an incredible singer, so we’d be idiots not to use him.”

And Downs is down: “I guarantee you that the Soulstice trainers do karaoke. It’s such a trainer thing, and a very organic way to get singing into the show.”

But it was Glazer who pitched the best idea of the bunch, as in Rebecca Bunch. “I would call Rachel Bloom. I would be like, ‘Can you write this for us?’”

Bloom is of course the creator and Golden Globe-winning star of the CW musical dramedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. And her comedy stylings could be the perfect fit with Broad City’s subversive and silly sensibilities.

It’s easy to imagine Abbi and Ilana getting down to “The Sexy Getting Ready Song.”

Or Abbi could tap into her inner Val and bust out a neurotic sex track like this:

I can totally see Trey jamming out lunk-headedly to a weird brag jam like “I Gave You A UTI”:

And a new take on “JAP Rap” (short for Jewish American Princess) could be perfect for Broad City meets J.Lo’s New York.

In a (repeated) word:



Let’s make this happen.

Kristy Puchko lives in perpetual fear that ice cream will become self-aware New York City.

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