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Greta Gerwig Regrets Working With Woody Allen: Aaron Sorkin Still Rooting For Kevin Spacey Comeback

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | January 10, 2018 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | January 10, 2018 |


The Golden Globes signalled a paradigm shift for Hollywood, at least in terms of visibility and the entertainment industry’s awareness of how it’s viewed by the world on issues of gender and abuse. We can talk for days about the pros and cons of an all-black fashion protest, but it’s undeniable that seeing activists like Tarana Burke on the red carpet being asked about pertinent issues of harassment in the workplace meant a lot to many women. This occasion also meant a lot of us were more aware than ever of the hypocrisies on display. How do you react when you see actors from Woody Allen and Roman Polanski movies proudly talking about taking a stand and supporting #TimesUp? Even the supposedly ‘woke’ red carpet hosts never dared to ask these people about this elephant in the room. That would have spoiled the magic of the occasion, but it may have gotten Justin Timberlake to SHUT UP FOR FIVE SECONDS. One person was asked very specifically about working with Allen, though.

Greta Gerwig, fresh from winning Best Comedy/Musical for Lady Bird, was asked in the post-show green room about her having previously starred in an Allen movie, 2012’s To Rome With Love. She had previously spoken about this experience with great enthusiasm and respect for the director. When faced with the question, something it seemed she hadn’t prepared for, she gave a pretty non-specific answer.

It was a weird moment, and one highlighted by how nobody else seemed to be asked about this after they’d won. Nobody asked Gary Oldman about his well-documented shitty past, for example. Nor did anyone ask James Franco about his. It was right that Gerwig, dressed in black and standing in solidarity with an anti-harassment campaign, was asked about it, but even those of us hoping for explanations couldn’t help but notice how gender once again played a part in who is and isn’t held accountable.

Clearly, this gave Gerwig food for thought - how could it not? - and, in a New York Times piece, she expressed regret for having worked with him and any pain she caused to Dylan Farrow.

Dylan Farrow responded with thanks to Gerwig.

Gerwig isn’t the only actor to have expressed regret over working with Allen. Ellen Page called it one of the biggest regrets of her career, and Griffin Newman, starring in Allen’s latest Wonder Wheel, donated his fee from the movie to RAINN after tweeting his emotions on the subject. Progress is slow, but stuff like this matters so much. Remember, the golden boy of the moment, Timothee Chalamet, is doing a Woody Allen film this year. So is Elle Fanning. And Jude Law. Both men appeared in black at the Golden Globes.

Meanwhile, in ‘oh dear lord he is still talking’ news, Aaron Sorkin, in the same piece with Gerwig, right after she condemns Allen, says he’s still rooting for a ‘miraculous transformation’ of Kevin Spacey.

Eh, I kind of get what he means? It would be nice if Spacey changed and, you know, stopped being an alleged abuser and manipulator of people. It’s not exactly my top priority, mind you. You should read the entire NYT piece, though. It’s an interesting conversation.