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'Buffy' Baddie Becomes Instagram Cosplay Queen

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | May 19, 2016 |

By Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | May 19, 2016 |

Tom Lenk might be best known as a member of The Trio, the nefarious nerds who dedicated themselves to Buffy’s ruin in season six of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. But the TV villain is carving out a new niche as an Instagram innovator with a clever series of celebrity cosplays.

We begin with Anna Wintowels.

Bitch stole my LEWK. @anna.wintour wishes she got it from LENK LEWKS FOR LESS. Towel: $Free from the Bathroom. Fabric scrap: $Free from my sewing box. Branch: $Free from Nature. @metmuseum #MetGala2016 #annawintour #lenklewkforless

A photo posted by Tom Lenk (@tommylenk) on

Double the dour in Olsen Twins bedding set.

MORE HAUS OF LENK LEWKS FOR LESS. It's like Ross Dress for Less, but like way less. Hobo vs. Boho. You decide. @metmuseum #metgala2016 #olsentwins #lenklewkforless

A photo posted by Tom Lenk (@tommylenk) on

Here he gives you Solange in paper.

GET THE LEWK FOR LESS AT HAUS OF LENK. @metmuseum #metgala2016 #davidlaport #FASHUNS #lenklewkforless

A photo posted by Tom Lenk (@tommylenk) on

Katy Perry duct tape realness.

Get the @katyperry LEWK FOR LESS. Everything in the junk drawer necklace: $Free. @howtogetawaywithmurder crew t-shirt gifted from @onlycatsandfood: $Free. Two rolls of duck tape on top of your head: Like $9? Old @wetnwildcosmetic makeup from a box under the sink: $Free. Glue stick from the junk drawer: $Free. BLOCK OUT YOUR BROWS KWEEN! Total cost for this #lenklewkforless: Like $9 @metmuseum #MetGala2016 @jwujek

A photo posted by Tom Lenk (@tommylenk) on

Sarah Jessica Parker in penne.

category iiiiiiiiiis: #ediblearrangements GET THE #lenklewkforless with this 💯% #edibleSJP LEWK. Isn't it DELISHYUS?! Hair: Penne, Rigatoni, & Ziti pasta. Cameo necklace: Rice cake, blue @frootloopsus, dehydrated blueberries & tortilla. Jacket and top: #missionflourtortillas with @nillawafers. Smokey Eye: crushed reduced fat (THIS IS FASHUN) @oreo cookies (I'm not even kidding) total cost with @vons #Pavillions saving card: $31.67 Total savings: $6.12 #metgala2016 @metmuseum I think @sarahjessicaparker looked GORJ and loved the story of her LEWK and also ARE WE RELATED?! #angelhairpasta #pastawig

A photo posted by Tom Lenk (@tommylenk) on

A wet and wired take on Julianne Moore’s polarizing piece.

#Repost @tommylenk with @repostapp ・・・ Best accidental photo EVER!! 😂🐶💦💦💦💦! #FUNKSHUNALFASHUN is fun for furry friends w/ #LenkLewkForLess @Festival_Cannes @_juliannemoore @givenchy 💁🏼🚿💦💦🐶

A photo posted by Kate Danley (@danleykate) on

Torn in two over his love of Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin’s new romance Me Before You.

Always work LESS. Why do 2 whole LEWKS when you can do HAFF. This @mebeforeyouofficial in progress production still gives you a behind the scenes LEWK at how I turn less into more. #HAFFASS it with #LenkLewkforless #mebeforeME

A photo posted by Tom Lenk (@tommylenk) on

Sometimes he even gets his friends in on the fierceness and fun.

I mean we HAD TO. RIGHT? This is what internets phones machines were made do for us? #LenkLewkForLess #hausholdhifashun #faithandandrew

A photo posted by Tom Lenk (@tommylenk) on

I don’t have a pun for his Mariah Carey. I just need to draw attention to the commitment of drawing janky fishnets on his legs!

#LLFL presents The Emancipation of Mimi…'s FEWT. We nearly lost Mariah this week when her Louboutin went DOWN. Why pay full price for those red bottoms? A LEWKBOUTIN by #LenkLewkForLess gets the JOB DONE. I mean - don't get me wrong - you're still gonna fall down. But the price tag will hurt less. Hurt less, HEEL more, with #LenkLewkForLess. Get the Mariah LEWK: Cut up skirt and pantyhose top from Julianne Moore LEWK, gold paper foil from Huntsman LEWK, cheap ass heels from costume bin, drawn-on with marker fishnet hose: $FREE. FREE yourself and your wallet with #LLFL. (SHAUTOUT to @courteandresen & @preszlerwoodshop for requesting this one!)

A photo posted by Tom Lenk (@tommylenk) on

#LenkLewkForLess live it.

Kristy Puchko wants Lenk on Drag Race next season please.

Kristy Puchko is the managing editor of Pajiba. You can follow her on Twitter.

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