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Brie Larson's 'Ask Me Anything' Shows That She's Always Been An Absolute Delight

By Petr Knava | Celebrity | March 13, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | Celebrity | March 13, 2019 |


Kayleigh wrote one of her wonderful and trademark career deep dives the other day. This one about the avatar of joy that is Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. For various reasons I have a lot less time at the moment to devote to pop culture than I would usually like to, and so—just like all those years ago—I find myself turning to Pajiba as a reader to keep up with what’s going on in that world (I mean, yes, we also have it in our contract as writers here that if we stray too far away from ‘Mother’—Dustin, big Mike Pence fan, insists we call the site that—then we get punished by a pretty awful stay in TK’s basement. But still, the point stands). And while I’ve obviously been aware of Larson as a Hollywood presence for some time, I didn’t know all the little biographical details that were featured in Kayleigh’s piece. I knew of Larson’s admirable advocacy of diversity, as well as her stance on gender equality in the industry, and these things had already endeared her to me. But I hadn’t been aware of some of the older parts of the story. Larson’s account of living in fairly woeful financial straits before making it as an actress in particular stood out. In an era in which acting (and other creative industries)—on both sides of the pond—is increasingly reserved for those with means and connections, I can’t help but cheer when someone makes it through who is not really meant to anymore. To whatever measure. Making the arts an exclusive reserve of the privileged is not just a tragedy for those working class people who cannot make it, it also amounts to an impoverishment of our culture as a whole. For a culture to truly thrive, it should tell as many different stories as possible, with as many different perspectives as possible.

Anyway all that is to say that Brie Larson is a somewhat refreshing breath of fresh air at the moment. For a number of reasons. I stumbled upon an old ‘Ask Me Anything’ she hosted on Reddit a few years back. This was after she had already been in Scott Pilgrim, The League, and 21 Jump Street, but just before her star began its quite meteoric rise. It’s a treat, and it shows that she really has always been an absolute delight. You can check out the full thing here but below are some highlights:





















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