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Battle of the Bearded Chrises: Who Shall Be Hair Supreme?

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | December 15, 2017 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | Celebrity | December 15, 2017 |

While we at Pajiba have put many hours of work into the scholarly pursuit of Chris studies, and you fine folk already democratically decided that Pine was the best of the key four, it’s still a debate that rages on in many forms. Perhaps it shall be the defining democratic debate of our time that doesn’t rely on destroying millions of lives and risking the destruction of earth? We live to serve, and today, we reignite the fight with a new focus - beards.

Our key Chrises - Pine, Evans, Hemsworth and Pratt - have embraced the facial fuzz this year, and it seems to be a major subplot to the upcoming Avengers movie - you know, beard equals torment - so how could we not get into this fight? A beard adds an extra flavour to a good looking man: It’s the rugged lumberjack potential, the relaxed and one-with-the-earth element that makes us all a bit giddy. You can go from clean cut leading man to grizzled character actor in a month, and believe us, people will line up around the block to appreciate it.

We’ve optioned not to influence your voting here (even though we all know Pine is the best Chris, beard or no beard), and will let the people decide our fuzzy fates. Let us know your choice in the comments, and please provide as much photographic evidence as you feel befits your case.


Chris Evans Beard 1.jpg

Chris Evans Beard 2.jpg

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Chris Evans Beard.gif


Chris Pratt Beard.jpg

Chris Pratt Beard 1.jpg

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Chris Pratt Beard.gif


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Chris Hemsworth Beard 2.jpg

Chris Hemsworth Thor Ragnarok 2.jpg

Thor Ragnarok.gif


Chris Pine Beard.jpg

Chris Pine Beard 1.jpg

Chris Pine Wrinkle in Time.jpg

Chris Pine Wrinkle in Time.gif