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Is It Time To Rediscover Alexander Skarsgård?

By Emily Cutler | Case Study In Hotness | June 16, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Case Study In Hotness | June 16, 2016 |

Remember when True Blood went from fun, campy-garbage to absolute garbage-garbage? I do because I saw that bitch to the bitter end. But somewhere around the time we stopped loving True Blood, we made a major mistake. We forgot to continually appreciate the fact that Alexander Skarsgård is hot.


Like really fucking hot. And he’s granting us the absolute delight of doing The Legend of Tarzan press tour in spectacular fashion. Do you need to hear Alex saying really kind things about the Orlando shooting?

“It is devastating,” he said. “I want to support my brothers and sisters in the LGBT community. Intolerance is just unacceptable and it is horrific what happened and it is also scary how in the States they try to politicize it.

“It is important to know that this was not done by 1.3 billion Muslims, it is very alarming when certain politicians try to turn this into a religious war. We need to unite people and spread the message of love.”

And just in case you think his support of the LGBT community is a publicity stunt, this video might help ease those fears.

Seriously. Guy’s made out with Nicole Kidman and Joy from My Name Is Earl Margot Robbie, and is still comfortable enough with everyone’s sexuality that he can admit Jason Stackhouse is the best kisser. That level of quiet confidence? It does something to a person. Mainly:


That’s about it. But if for some reason that’s not doing it for you, we can always just go back to ogling.



I wonder why anyone would cast this guy as the master of the jungle and tamer of beasts he clearly doesn’t have any sort of magnetic charm or … oh wait, I just signed up for his weird cult from The East you own me now, Alex.


Or maybe this is a comedy.

Bless you, Alex, for remaining desperately hot for our consumption despite our neglect of you. I can’t promise we won’t neglect you again, but I can promise we’ll always, always come back to you.


Like for real, we’ll always come back to you. You’re so pretty.