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The Day of the Cannonball Read

By Nicole Fuscia & Intern Rusty | Books | February 15, 2010 |

By Nicole Fuscia & Intern Rusty | Books | February 15, 2010 |

Editor’s note: No, I’m not schizophrenic; Rusty and I collaborated on this post. Try to guess who’s who!

Our fellow Americans:

Happy Presidents Day to you! Deputy Intern Rusty and I wanted to make it a special day for the Pajibans across the land. Some of you lucky mofos have the day off; I myself am spending the day in Los Angeles, where there is warmer weather than in the Illadelph. There is a also a cute Pajibaboy here, so I figure today = win for Nicole. And I don’t have class this Monday and will be spending the day in a warm tropical land with excellent mojitos. But I don’t have class any Monday and I live in Miami, so things are really par for the course for me.

To celebrate this great American holiday, wherein the banks, post offices, government institutions, and public schools in the U.S. are closed, we here at Pajiba headquarters came up with an idea. Our founding fathers were well-read, and many were great writers. The more recent presidents, well, meh. However, now we have a literate president who not only reads more than just “My Pet Goat,” but has also written books. So, as a nod to both the great Washington and Lincoln, as well as Mr. Obama, today is going to be all about books. Our Fearless Leader will be posting a Cannonball Read review once an hour; I’ll be writing a review for the first time since I started the Cannonball gig, while I’ll be releasing one of my reviews from my own blog and into the wilds of Pajiba proper.

Back in the days of Washington and Lincoln, there were no TV, interwebs, Netflix, Blu-Ray, or multiplexes. Books were entertainment, fools. Reading was something families did together. Benjamin Franklin, while not a president, founded the first library in America, which became the Free Library of Philadelphia, for which I am profoundly grateful. I, as a grad student, am also quite thankful for the invention of libraries, because they make great napping — I mean, studying and reading — places.

So, to celebrate America (and you Canadiadiadians and other furriners can join in as well), today hath been declared the Day of the Cannonball Read. Enjoy.

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